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Stories by Blair Hanley Frank

Apple improves support for right-to-left languages with iOS 9

The next version of Apple's mobile operating system will be even friendlier for readers of languages like Arabic and Hebrew that are written from right to left, thanks to changes that Apple made for iOS 9.

Written by Blair Hanley Frank10 June 15 04:25

Robotic Herds Could Be the Next Step in Farming

Fully autonomous herds of robots could be the future of farming, or at least that's what one roboticist thinks. Trossen Robotics forum member Vanmunch has developed an "Autonomous Micro Planter," which he's named Prospero.

Written by Blair Hanley Frank01 March 11 12:39

iPad runs Windows 95, universe stays intact

When it comes to iOS downgrading, most people talk about reverting to an older version of the operating system, like going from iOS 4 back to 3.2. The guy who posted this video to YouTube clearly has an entirely different definition.

Written by Blair Hanley Frank29 Sept. 10 06:59