Stories by Tam Harbert

Good work, and good works, at Cloud for Good

2018 Best Places to Work in IT: For many of the employees of this Salesforce partner, the mission is a big part of why it’s a great place to work.

Written by Tam Harbert18 June 18 20:00

Tech pros make the most of the 'gig economy'

Younger IT workers are increasingly choosing independence over full-time employment. Is the 'open talent economy' right for you too? Three 20- and 30-somethings share their experiences working for everyone from giants like Microsoft and Google to nonprofits and startups.

Written by Tam Harbert08 Sept. 15 13:17

Tech support's NSFW problem

As the recent <a href="">scandal</a> over leaked celebrity photographs reminded us all, people use their electronic devices for very personal pursuits in the era of smartphone ubiquity. Depending on the age and inclination of its owner, a modern-day digital device might contain not just nude selfies like those that were <a href="">shared online</a>, but images from dating sites like Tinder and Grindr, <a href="">creepshots</a>, or other salacious or even illegal material downloaded from the backwaters of "the dark Web" via anonymizers like <a href="">Tor</a>.

Written by Tam Harbert29 Oct. 14 21:10

3 heavyweights give gamification a go

Got gamification yet? If you don't, you're not alone -- according to Gartner, fewer than 5% of organizations worldwide are using gamification. But get ready: Analysts expect enterprises to start embracing the technique in many areas over the next two years, and the impact, they say, could be far-reaching.

Written by Tam Harbert18 Sept. 13 16:54

Tech hotshots: The rise of the dataviz expert

As analytics become more ingrained in corporations, data visualizers are the new go-to experts in demand -- but do they work for IT or give IT its marching orders?

Written by Tam Harbert23 May 13 11:14

Big data, big jobs?

As companies embrace big data, they're in the market for high-level strategists and communicators. Do you have the chops to snag a big data job?

Written by Tam Harbert20 Sept. 12 13:21

What your interns can teach you

IT interns brought innovation to NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab, the White House and We Energies. Here's how to get similar results from your summer crew.

Written by Tam Harbert13 Aug. 12 10:14

E-discovery in the cloud? Not so easy

Your company is embroiled in a lawsuit, and your general counsel has come to IT for help in conducting e-discovery on a batch of data. You easily gather some of the information from storage in your data center, but some of it is sitting in the cloud. Easy enough, you think, to get that data as well.

Written by Tam Harbert07 March 12 03:08

IT's age problem

Age bias: Some consider it IT's dirty little secret, or even IT's big open secret.

Written by Tam Harbert22 Nov. 11 03:05

New job for mainframes: Hosting private clouds

Mention cloud computing to a mainframe professional, and he's likely to roll his eyes. Cloud is just a much-hyped new name for what mainframes have done for years, he'll say.

Written by Tam Harbert19 July 11 02:51

New job for mainframes: Cloud platform

Mention cloud computing to a mainframe professional, and he's likely to roll his eyes. Cloud is just a new name -- and a lot of hype -- for what mainframes have done for years, he'll say.

Written by Tam Harbert31 March 11 05:53

Desktop virtualization: Confusion over software licensing

When Dataprise Inc., an IT services company, helped a customer with a desktop virtualization project last year, it found itself dealing with desktop virtualization's dirty little secret: No one -- including vendors -- seems to know how to license the software.

Written by Tam Harbert08 Feb. 11 05:09