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Stories by Eric Knorr

The state of digital transformation in 2020

The lessons learned from a decade of digital transformation provide a roadmap for those embarking on their own initiatives. CIO, Computerworld, CSO, InfoWorld, and Network World team up to dissect that legacy from every angle.

Written by Eric Knorr13 Jan. 20 22:00

HPE’s CEO lays out his technology vision

In an exclusive interview, HPE CEO Antonio Neri unpacks his portfolio of tech initiatives, from edge computing to tomorrow’s memory-driven architecture.

Written by Eric Knorr13 May 19 20:00

What cloud computing really means

Cloud computing has evolved beyond basic SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS offerings, as the cloud matures to become the engine of enterprise technology innovation

Written by Eric Knorr11 July 17 03:51

What desktop virtualisation really means

Desktop virtualisation harks back to the good old mainframe days of centralised computing while upholding the fine desktop tradition of user empowerment. Each user retains his or her own instance of desktop operating system and applications, but that stack runs in a virtual machine on a server -- which users can access through a low-cost thin client similar to an old-fashioned terminal.

Written by Eric Knorr28 May 10 20:22

10 steps to SOA

SOA is an idea, not a technology.

Written by Eric Knorr02 Feb. 10 08:22

Venture capitalist sold on SAAS

Hummer Winblad Venture Partners was established in 1989 as the first venture capital fund to invest exclusively in software companies. These days, 12 of the 30 companies in Hummer Winblad's portfolio are SAAS ventures. We spoke with Ann Winblad, co-founding partner, to better understand the extraordinary momentum of SAAS and her company's relationship with IBM.

Written by Eric Knorr27 Sept. 06 10:36

SOA: Under Construction

As enterprises build SOAs, the going is pretty slow, thanks mainly to a vastly increasing number of dependencies. Here's what you can learn from what's happening on the ground.

Written by Eric Knorr12 Dec. 06 14:50

Looking Out; Looking In

Outsource what makes sense, but create some new internal opportunities for yourself.

Written by Eric Knorr08 March 05 09:42

It's the Process, Stupid

The tools exist, so now's the time for transparent government

Written by Eric Knorr03 Dec. 04 14:03

Attack of the Killer B's

Swat at them all you like, but these business buzzwords aren't going away soon

Written by Eric Knorr06 Oct. 04 12:32

Logic and Licensing

Commercial apps and the hyperintegrated enterprise may lead us into a licensing tangle.

Written by Eric Knorr07 April 04 12:01

The Velvet Revolution

Portals have become valuable corporate tools - now what?

Written by Eric Knorr10 March 04 12:10

The Real Meaning of Longhorn

Microsoft's next version of Windows promotes the evolution of client/server.

Written by Eric Knorr06 Feb. 04 09:10