Stories by Rebecca Merrett

Where are the women in IT?

It’s no surprise that many CIOs may find themselves looking around their IT departments and asking, ‘Where are the women in IT?’ The IT industry has long recognised the need to encourage more women to pursue careers in the IT industry. However, this issue still looms.

Written by Rebecca Merrett11 Sept. 12 12:50

Q&A: UTS CIO, Christine Burns

Before recently joining University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) as CIO, Christine Burns was head of IT at Ashurst law firm. As CIO, she will be managing the many technology projects that are underway at the university and will be developing an IT-business strategy.

Written by Rebecca Merrett03 Sept. 12 15:27

Improving data quality

There are many ways to best analyse, organise and make decisions based on data, but what good is that if the data is inaccurate, unreliable and misleading? In a world where data or information is crucial for decision-making, data quality is one area that certainly shouldn’t be overlooked.

Written by Rebecca Merrett30 Aug. 12 11:45

CIO movers and shakers

Recent movements among Australian CIOs: Australian Securities Exchange's Tim Thurman, University of Technology, Sydney's Christine Burns, Allianz Global Assistance's Luc Derix, Australian Property Institute's Joel Leslie and Baptist Community Services' George Lymbers.

Written by Rebecca Merrett29 Aug. 12 13:11

Shorter ICT contract jobs more popular: Tech Index

Shorter contract jobs are predicted to become more popular with employers in the ICT industry, according to the latest Longhaus-ITCRA Australian Tech Index.

Written by Rebecca Merrett23 Aug. 12 15:16

Staff retention a concern for CFOs: survey

Some 85 per cent of 300 Australian CFOs and finance directors surveyed are concerned about losing valuable staff in the next year, with 36 per cent expecting new finance and accounting employees to leave a company within the first three years.

Written by Rebecca Merrett21 Aug. 12 09:46

Monitoring is key to reducing IT carbon footprint: Researcher

Monitoring is key to cutting down an organisation's energy consumption and overall IT carbon footprint, according to Helen Hasan, Associate Professor of Information Systems at the University of Wollongong.

Written by Rebecca Merrett17 Aug. 12 14:49

How to make a winning business case

For any CIO, getting the board’s approval for an IT project can be a tough task, especially when there are ever-tighter budgets. But there are ways to make a business case more effective — some tricks that CIOs can utilise. Having an understanding of what makes a winning business, how to present it to the board and the common mishaps to watch out for can be key to getting a project across the line.

Written by Rebecca Merrett13 Aug. 12 14:16

Reserve Bank selects CIO

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has selected former Westpac chief technology officer Sarv Girn as its CIO, after a search that started in May this year.

Written by Rebecca Merrett09 Aug. 12 16:30

Choose your own device — the more manageable BYOD

Bring your own device (BYOD) certainly involves all kinds of challenges in managing the security, infrastructure and support costs, which can be a burden for CIOs and IT departments.

Written by Rebecca Merrett03 Aug. 12 13:00

Want project success? Engage stakeholders

Situation: You know how important stakeholder engagement is in ensuring project success so you have made a genuine effort and have spent a lot of time trying to get stakeholders involved only to find that they are disinterested, or even worse, against the project altogether. You ask: ‘What am I doing wrong?’

Written by Rebecca Merrett31 July 12 13:25