Stories by Rebecca Merrett

Using data to better understand crime in cities

Data is not only the key to smart urban planning and development; it can help solve social issues in cities, too. A team of researchers at Data61, in collaboration with Harvard University, are using data for just that – to get to the root cause of crime in cities.

Written by Rebecca Merrett17 Dec. 15 16:05

Android Pay coming to Australia in 2016

Google has announced it will release Android Pay in Australia during the first half of 2016, allowing users to make mobile payments by tapping their Android smartphones on terminals.

Written by Rebecca Merrett16 Dec. 15 09:52

Deakin University to launch virtual and augmented reality hub

Deakin University will launch an Interactive Digital Centre Hub in Melbourne CBD in the first half of 2016, which will allow industry partners to access the latest virtual and augmented reality technology.

Written by Rebecca Merrett15 Dec. 15 15:48

Where is machine learning heading in 2016?

Smarter mobile apps, intelligent digital assistants and democratisation of artificial intelligence are what we can expect next year when it comes to machine learning, according to analysts.

Written by Rebecca Merrett15 Dec. 15 14:51

Breaking down barriers to tech education

If we are to encourage more people to study technology, then breaking down time and money barriers to get accredited, formal education is key to making this happen, according to Peter Argent, academic director of Coder Factory Academy.

Written by Rebecca Merrett09 Dec. 15 14:05

Autonomous technology a threat to humanity, not AI: Toby Walsh

A machine doesn’t have to be that advanced in its artificial intelligence capabilities to be dangerous, it just needs to have a high level of autonomy, according to Toby Walsh, AI researcher at Data61 (formerly NICTA).

Written by Rebecca Merrett08 Dec. 15 15:19

Where is data analytics heading in 2016?

Companies doing data analytics next year will focus on refining data, move away from filling huge data warehouses, and start using external sources to gain richer insights, according to analysts.

Written by Rebecca Merrett07 Dec. 15 14:24

Why a technological Singularity is unlikely from a scientific viewpoint

The Singularity – it's a nightmare scenario that plays in the minds of most of us whenever we see some freaky smart tech. But should we really be concerned about machine intelligence getting out of control or is it just science fiction?​

Written by Rebecca Merrett04 Dec. 15 14:29