Stories by Gary Anthes

US innovation: On the skids

It would be hard to exaggerate the angst that has gripped the US in recent months as the election nears, markets churn and assets melt. But the headlines that have made us dread picking up the newspaper mask a long-term problem that may shape the future of America more than John McCain's plan for Iraq, Barack Obama's health care ideas or Uncle Sam's heroic efforts to rescue the economy.

Written by Gary Anthes23 Oct. 08 09:35

Dear Mr. President: Let's talk tech

Science and technology may not have been the focus of the recent debates between presidential hopefuls John McCain and Barack Obama, but both candidates have outlined some broad policy proposals and goals. That's a good thing, because, as some of the top technology thinkers in the United States today recently shared with Computerworld, the next president will have to tackle the country's ongoing decline in global technological competitiveness.

Written by Gary Anthes23 Oct. 08 08:39

Money's tight? ROI to the rescue

You might think that measuring return on investment is one of those things that never changes. You'd be wrong.

Written by Gary Anthes11 March 08 08:25

Wireless Wises Up

At a time when news of advanced technologies seems dominated by the likes of robots, nanogadgets and supercomputers on a chip, the subject of radio might seem a tad boring. But software-defined radios and cognitive radios hold promise for making our wireless networks far more powerful and useful.

Written by Gary Anthes02 May 07 14:44

Three questions for Robert Lucky

What 2006 stories surprised the author of the popular book Silicon Dreams? Google buying YouTube and Nicholas Negroponte's $100 laptop.

Written by Gary Anthes01 Jan. 07 10:32

Three questions for Vinton Cerf

The vice president and chief Internet evangelist at Google advises IT managers to get smart about security in 2007.

Written by Gary Anthes01 Jan. 07 10:28

Three questions for Leonard Kleinrock

The creator of the basic principles of packet switching, the foundation of the Internet, warns IT managers not to bet on only one broadband technology in 2007.

Written by Gary Anthes01 Jan. 07 10:21