Stories by Gregg Keizer

Hackers Shut Down Travel Site for Federal Workers

A travel reservations Web site used by several US federal agencies was hit earlier this month by hackers, who shunted unsuspecting users off to a malicious domain. The site,, remained unavailable late last week.

Written by Gregg Keizer26 Feb. 09 09:09

Microsoft wraps up Vista SP2 RC

Microsoft announced it has wrapped up a near-final version of Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2), and has posted it to a pair of subscriber-only services for download.

Written by Gregg Keizer26 Feb. 09 08:23

Hackers jump on newest IE7 bug

Attackers are already exploiting a bug in Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) that Microsoft patched just last week, security researchers warned Tuesday.

Written by Gregg Keizer19 Feb. 09 08:51

Bot busts newest Hotmail CAPTCHA

Spammers have cracked Microsoft's latest defense against abuse of its Live Hotmail e-mail service using a sophisticated network of hacked computers that receive encrypted instructions from a central server, a security company has reported.

Written by Gregg Keizer19 Feb. 09 08:24

Fannie Mae engineer indicted for planting server bomb

A former Unix engineer for the US Federal National Mortgage Association, better known as Fannie Mae, has been accused of planting malicious code on the corporation's network that was to "destroy and alter" all of the data on the company's servers this Saturday, court documents show.

Written by Gregg Keizer30 Jan. 09 08:12

New botnet resurrects Storm's Valentine's Day ruse

Spam trumpeting the power of love is nothing more than an old trick dressed up in new clothes, more evidence that the backers of the Waledec bot Trojan are the same bunch that hammered users last year with Storm, security companies are warning.

Written by Gregg Keizer28 Jan. 09 08:23

Windows 7 to be 'thoroughly' tested by antitrust regulators

Technical advisers to the antitrust regulators who monitor Microsoft's compliance with a 2002 antitrust settlement will test Windows 7 "more thoroughly" than earlier versions of the operating system, according to a recently-released status report filed with the federal judge watching over the company.

Written by Gregg Keizer28 Jan. 09 08:11

'Vista Capable' case could cost Microsoft US$8.5B

Microsoft would have to come up with as much as $8.5 billion to settle accounts with the customers affected by its 2006 "Vista Capable" marketing program, according to documents unsealed by a federal court.

Written by Gregg Keizer27 Jan. 09 12:06

Microsoft delivers IE8 release candidate

As expected, Microsoft Monday launched a release candidate of Internet Explorer 8, the first update to the browser since last August.

Written by Gregg Keizer27 Jan. 09 08:04

Slow Vista sales hit MS revenues as netbooks gain ground

Sales of Windows desktop software dropped 8 percent last quarter compared to a year ago, while Microsoft's server division revenues were up 15 percent, illustrating the rejection of Windows Vista and the acceptance of Windows Server 2008, an analyst said Thursday morning.

Written by Gregg Keizer23 Jan. 09 05:38

Microsoft issues first Windows 7 beta patch

Microsoft Tuesday issued its first patch for the just-released Windows 7 beta, but it passed on plugging a hole in an important file-sharing protocol that it fixed in older versions of the operating system.

Written by Gregg Keizer14 Jan. 09 10:32