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Stories by Michael Horowitz

Sub-optimal computer advice from the New York Times

Small businesses are hit by ransomware. The New York Times says they should increase their computer security. I say this misses the real problem: backup, backup, backup.

Written by Michael Horowitz15 Jan. 16 01:42

Web browsers are also to blame for Lenovo's Superfish fiasco

Lenovo pre-installing Superfish software was a security disaster. Whether Lenovo was evil, or, as they eventually claimed, merely incompetent, it's hard to trust them going forward. If nothing else, their initial denials that anything was wrong, leave a lasting impression. Of course, Superfish, along with the software that they bundled from Komodia, also deserve plenty of blame for breaking the security of HTTPS and SSL/TLS.

Written by Michael Horowitz10 March 15 00:07

Recovering lost bookmarks in Chrome

I recently responded to a prompt from the Chrome browser (on Windows 7) without fully understanding the question. Lesson learned, the hard way. This carelessness wiped out my carefully curated bookmarks, which had never been backed up.

Written by Michael Horowitz06 Jan. 15 09:03

What's new with Java

I'm sick of Java, as you probably are too. That said, there have been a number of changes to Java lately that may have flown under the radar. So, here is what you need to know about where things stand.

Written by Michael Horowitz02 Nov. 14 06:25