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LinkedIn Profiles: Avoid the 6 Most Common Mistakes

In the midst of the recession, many job seekers have spent more time on LinkedIn to connect with colleagues, customers and partners in an effort to land a new gig. Unfortunately, many people commit common errors in their LinkedIn profiles that cost them new opportunities, says Jason Alba, CEO of JibberJobber, a company that provides web-based tools for managing your job search.

Written by C.G. Lynch14 May 09 10:46

SelectMinds: When More Than Facebook Is Needed

As companies continue to level job cuts across the enterprise, alumni networks have sprung up in all directions as former employees work with each other to find new job opportunities. But in many cases, people connect in a decentralized way, forming groups within consumer social networks such as LinkedIn or Facebook.

Written by C.G. Lynch11 May 09 09:34

Can Social Networking Be Secure at Work?

As more workers spend a greater part of their days on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, hackers have turned their energies toward spreading their malware across those services, harming workstations and company networks.

Written by C.G. Lynch06 May 09 08:55

Build a Better Online Persona: Four Steps

Social networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have enabled everyone to become instant publishers. As a result, the content attached to our names will continue to shape perceptions of us both professionally and personally.

Written by C.G. Lynch29 April 09 09:05

Google Profiles: How and Why to Get Started

Google has launched Google Profiles, which lets you build an online biography listing your interests, educational and professional background, and links to your data on websites like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.

Written by C.G. Lynch25 April 09 09:00

Four Tips for Getting Good ROI from Web 2.0 Projects

While Web 2.0 applications such as blogs, wikis and social networks have been wildly popular with consumers, efforts to measure the technology's success for businesses have returned mixed results. In fact, recent research from the Burton Group indicates that business leaders have struggled to define best use cases, measure their success and chart returns on investment.

Written by C.G. Lynch24 April 09 08:42

The Polite Way to Take a Break, Ignore, Unfollow on Twitter

The more people you follow on Twitter, the more you realize the truth: Sometimes, you want a short break from certain people. Sometimes, you even need to break up. Topping the list of annoyances, there's the too much information (TMI) tweets, followed closely by the criminally self-promotional and the disgustingly self-indulgent. These tweets can trickle into your Twitter stream with great regularity, rendering the service at times useless.<br/>

Written by C.G. Lynch22 April 09 02:41

Blog: Would Twitter Have a Better Home at Google or Facebook?

The speculation that Google is likely in talks to acquire Twitter shouldn't be surprising. The Twitter founders already entertained offers from Facebook as well. As a result, Twitter will have a choice: sell to a company that connects people to information, or to one that connects people with people.

Written by C.G. Lynch06 April 09 14:39's Social Media Smarts Could Help You

When it comes to social media, leads rivals like Oracle and SAP — and its success could help your company reach customers. Case in point: apps now work with social networking services like Twitter and Facebook.

Written by C.G. Lynch30 March 09 09:33

Blog: Microsoft and Yahoo: You Lost to Google, So Get Over It

Microsoft should abandon its bid to buy Yahoo's search business. If the companies wanted to join forces, the time was five years ago. Today, an acquisition would at best soften the blow inflicted by a battle both companies lost to Google.

Written by C.G. Lynch23 March 09 11:17

Bringing the Twitter-like Experience to the Enterprise

Learning from the success people have had on Twitter, the short messaging service, a public affairs firm has begun using enterprise microblogging technology from Socialtext. It mirrors the Twitter experience, but for the purposes of internal, enterprise collaboration.

Written by C.G. Lynch16 March 09 08:16

How and Why to Launch a Business Presence on Twitter

From an upstart airline to the cable company some people love to hate, organizations big and small have reaped success in improving customer service, receiving R&D tips, and marketing their products on Twitter. Here's expert advice on how and why your business should tap into Twitter.

Written by C.G. Lynch13 March 09 09:31

Blog: The Paper Chase: Companies Still Can't Keep Up With It

Before information can be social, it must first become digital. That's what I concluded Monday after meeting with executives from Xerox Global Serices, the wing of Xerox focused on document management and that aims to help companies manage (or cut down on) the amount of paper flowing through their organizations.

Written by C.G. Lynch12 March 09 14:12

Blog: Firing an Employee Over Facebook Quip Could Backfire

With social networks, we're all instant publishers of information. If you say something about your employer over Facebook or Twitter, you should be prepared to own up to the consequences. But companies would be rash to start punishing employees for every bit of unflattering information they post to the Web.

Written by C.G. Lynch10 March 09 12:30