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Blog: Can Facebook Connect Crack the Multiple Password Problem?

Even if you're not a not a big Facebook fan, you should care about the upcoming launch of Facebook Connect — a service that allows people to use their Facebook accounts to log into other websites. Facebook Connect, and its success or failure, might signal what we can expect as broad users of the internet during the next few years.

Written by C.G. Lynch08 Dec. 08 11:04

LinkedIn Etiquette: Five Dos and Don'ts

Creating a useful LinkedIn profile, and knowing how to interact with your connections on the professional social network, isn't always as straightforward as it seems.

Written by C.G. Lynch06 Dec. 08 09:08

Facebook Etiquette: Five Dos and Don'ts

Facebook and other social networking sites can create an uncomfortable overlap between your personal and professional life. We show how to manage your Facebook profile so it can work for both business and pleasure.

Written by C.G. Lynch06 Dec. 08 08:32

Holiday Helpers: Free Web 2.0 Apps

Keeping up with holiday errands, parties and travel plans doesn't need to be as difficult as it used to be, thanks to some handy free Web 2.0 apps that you can access from your browser on the family computer or your mobile phone.

Written by C.G. Lynch28 Nov. 08 10:27

Blog: Why Twitter Should Have Said Yes to Facebook Acquisition Offer

So Twitter has turned down an acquisition offer from Facebook. While many hardcore users of the short messaging service will rejoice, and though Twitter questioned Facebook's ridiculous $15 billion valuation (rightly so), Twitter should start thinking about its own ability to make money and avoid being bombastic.

Written by C.G. Lynch25 Nov. 08 12:02

Blog: Getting Bogged Down By Browsers: How Do You Manage Web Apps?

If you believe that the Web-browser has become more relevant to your daily work life than your computer's operating system (as I do), then you have to take a hard look at what browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome can do best.

Written by C.G. Lynch21 Nov. 08 10:14

If Your Enterprise Can't Beat Consumer Apps, Why Fight Them?

WorkLight, a Web 2.0 start-up, helps transport enterprise data to consumer applications such as Facebook and iGoogle. In this Q&A, WorkLight's CEO says if you can do this securely, you should give users what they want — and you won't have to fork out the cash for SharePoint.

Written by C.G. Lynch17 Nov. 08 10:41

Blog: LinkedIn Needs To Do More As Facebook Gets Down to Business

While LinkedIn has moved overcautiously in rolling out its applications platform, and the majority of Facebook's 28,000 apps still lack business value, there's evidence that both sites want to harbor more social networking tools that help us do our job — and it's about time.

Written by C.G. Lynch14 Nov. 08 14:08

How Obama Will Use Web 2.0 For Change

President-elect Barack Obama's harnessing of Web 2.0 technologies enabled his rise to power, and his administration will continue to use them to stay in touch with constituents. That's the contention made by political leaders on the third day of the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

Written by C.G. Lynch10 Nov. 08 11:06

Blog: Election 2.0 and the Power of Agile IT

This year’s presidential campaign in the United States is a textbook example of how to apply agile IT to enable businesses to start small and grow quickly. After the votes are counted we need to do a study on how the two candidates made use of technology to reach people, spread their message, raise money and mobilize their supporters.

Written by C.G. Lynch04 Nov. 08 13:53

Labs for Google Apps: Will Enterprises Try New Features?

In what analysts describe as a risky strategy, Google last week revealed experimental new features being developed for its Google Apps software, inviting customers to try them. Whether or not enterprises can be convinced to experiment with the software remains to be seen.

Written by C.G. Lynch03 Nov. 08 12:09

Blog: Why Layoffs at Consumer Tech Start-Ups Matter to Enterprise IT

During the past few years, free consumer applications and social technologies were the primary focus of start-ups in Silicon Valley. Now, with venture capital drying up, these same firms have begun tightening their belts, announcing layoffs while shelving new development projects. Though this will have obvious effects on the consumer Web, it will also profoundly hurt business technology, which, at its best, mimics the moves of its cooler consumer cousin.

Written by C.G. Lynch28 Oct. 08 14:17

Blog: Cloud Computing Requires Changing Your Mindset on Security

If I had to do it over again, I would have inserted a few snarky questions into our cloud computing survey that came out this week. They would have been added around the section about security, seeing as security concerns topped the worries IT pros and leaders had over cloud computing.

Written by C.G. Lynch24 Oct. 08 14:03