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Stories by Lucian Constantin

Largest DDoS attack so far this year peaked at 45 Gbps, says company

A week-long DDoS attack that launched a flood of traffic at an Asian e-commerce company in early November was the biggest such incident so far this year, according to Prolexic, a company that defends websites against such attacks.

Written by Lucian Constantin24 Nov. 11 22:39

Google protects its current HTTPS traffic against future attacks

Google has modified the encryption method used by its HTTPS-enabled services including Gmail, Docs and Google+, in order to prevent current traffic from being decrypted in the future when technological advances make this possible.

Written by Lucian Constantin24 Nov. 11 01:18

Browser extension allows users to express their email privacy expectations

A team of privacy researchers and product designers from Europe and the U.S. have released a browser-based implementation of Privicons, a project that aims to provide users with a simple method of expressing their expectations of privacy when sending email.

Written by Lucian Constantin23 Nov. 11 04:28

Security experts concerned about Google's attitude toward Android malware

Antivirus experts disagree with Chris DiBona, Google's open-source programs manager, who recently said that there is no virus problem on the Android platform and that companies selling anti-malware software for mobile operating systems are charlatans.

Written by Lucian Constantin22 Nov. 11 06:31

Google Chrome update addresses high-severity flaw

Google has released an update for Chrome 15 which addresses a high-risk vulnerability. The security issue is the result of an out-of-bounds memory write in the browser's JavaScript engine.

Written by Lucian Constantin18 Nov. 11 22:36

ISC patches BIND denial-of-service flaw that crashed servers worldwide

The Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), an organization that maintains several software products critical for Internet infrastructure, has released a patch for an actively exploited denial-of-service vulnerability in the widely used BIND DNS server.

Written by Lucian Constantin18 Nov. 11 01:31

Google offers opt-out method for Wi-Fi geolocation mapping

Google is offering wireless network owners worldwide the possibility of opting out from its Wi-Fi geolocation mapping efforts, in the wake of a decision by the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) that this process is in violation of legislation in the Netherlands.

Written by Lucian Constantin17 Nov. 11 03:54

Unemployed Romanian hacker accused of breaking into NASA

Romanian authorities have arrested a 26-year old hacker who is accused of breaking into multiple NASA servers and causing US$500,000 in damages to the U.S. space agency's systems.

Written by Lucian Constantin16 Nov. 11 23:41

Advertisers can't be trusted to self-regulate on data collection, says EFF

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) doesn't think that the digital advertising industry can efficiently regulate itself and has issued a statement saying that the self-regulatory principles for multisite data recently published by the Digital Advertising Alliance will suffer from a lack of enforcement.

Written by Lucian Constantin16 Nov. 11 01:53

Germany prepares to sue Facebook over facial recognition feature

The Hamburg Data Protection Authority (DPA) is starting preliminary procedures to bring legal action against Facebook over the facial recognition feature used for photo tagging on the social network. The authority decided that further negotiation is futile after the social networking giant didn't agree to obtain consent from users retroactively.

Written by Lucian Constantin12 Nov. 11 02:26