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Stories by Lucian Constantin

Mac OS X security update causes crashes, say experts

Apple has released a massive security update for Mac OS X along with a new version of its OS, however, according to several reports, installing the patches could render computers unbootable.

Written by Lucian Constantin14 Oct. 11 00:24

Peer-to-peer update to Zeus Trojan confers resistance to take-downs

The Zeus financial malware has been updated with P-to-P (peer-to-peer) functionality that makes it much more resilient to take-down efforts and gives its controllers flexibility in how they run their fraud operations.

Written by Lucian Constantin13 Oct. 11 00:42

Stonesoft identifies new ways to evade intrusion detection systems

Finnish security firm Stonesoft claims to have developed 163 new attack methods that can evade network intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS) over multiple communication protocols including IPv4, IPv6, TCP and HTTP.

Written by Lucian Constantin12 Oct. 11 00:43

LulzSec leader holds onto Sun email

The 4GB worth of email stolen by the LulzSec hacking group from The Sun earlier this year are sitting on a server in China, according to "Sabu," the outfit's alleged leader.

Written by Lucian Constantin11 Oct. 11 03:03

Facebook's URL scanner is vulnerable to cloaking attacks

Members of a hacking think-tank called Blackhat Academy claim that Facebook's URL scanning systems can be tricked into thinking malicious pages are clean by using simple content cloaking techniques.

Written by Lucian Constantin08 Oct. 11 05:39

SpyEye steals banking codes by sending them to wrong phone

Researchers from browser security vendor Trusteer have identified a new variant of the SpyEye financial Trojan that tricks online banking users into changing the phone numbers associated with their accounts.

Written by Lucian Constantin07 Oct. 11 01:27

XSS web attacks could live forever, researcher warns

Websites that accidentally distribute rogue code could find it harder to undo the damage if attackers exploit widespread browser support for HTML5 local storage and an increasing tendency for heavy users of Web apps never to close their browser.

Written by Lucian Constantin05 Oct. 11 01:55

Facebook turns to Websense for malicious URL detection

Facebook has partnered with security vendor Websense to protect its users from third-party malicious URLs spammed on the social networking website, the companies said on Monday.

Written by Lucian Constantin04 Oct. 11 01:48

Microsoft fails to credit Kelihos takedown partner

Microsoft grabbed headlines Wednesday with its report about the successful takedown of the Kelihos botnet, but while the company detailed the achievements of its Digital Crimes Unit, it failed to mention the major role security firm Kaspersky Lab played in the operation.

Written by Lucian Constantin30 Sept. 11 05:37

Romania's anti-cybercrime efforts lack a social component

Romania has long been considered a hotbed for cybercriminal activity, but in recent years law enforcement authorities have made significant efforts to crack down on online fraud gangs that steal millions every year from victims worldwide.

Written by Lucian Constantin27 Sept. 11 04:42