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Stories by Lucian Constantin

DNS record will help prevent unauthorized SSL certificates

Starting in September, publicly trusted certificate authorities will have to honor a special Domain Name System (DNS) record that allows domain owners to specify who is allowed to issue SSL certificates for their domains.

Written by Lucian Constantin12 April 17 01:58

Google's Android hacking contest fails to attract exploits

Google offered to pay US$200,000 to any researcher who could remotely hack into an Android device by knowing only the victim's phone number and email address, but no one stepped up to the challenge for six months.

Written by Lucian Constantin01 April 17 05:32

VMware patches critical virtual machine escape flaws

VMware has released critical security patches for vulnerabilities demonstrated during the recent Pwn2Own hacking contest that could be exploited to escape from the isolation of virtual machines.

Written by Lucian Constantin30 March 17 20:53