Stories by Jonathan Hassell

First look: Windows Server Blue beta shows compelling improvements

There's a lot to like in Windows Server 2012 R2, but the key question centers around how Microsoft will handle licensing, our reviewer says. That alone might be the gating factor for the eventual success of this OS release.

Written by Jonathan Hassell26 June 13 10:40

Clearing Up Microsoft SkyDrive Pro Confusion

Microsoft's SkyDrive service has gained a lot of traction over the past couple of years, given that it works well across numerous platforms (including Gmail and Xbox 360) and is easy to use. With Office 2013 and Office 365, Microsoft introduced a SkyDrive Pro service that is oriented toward businesses and enterprises.

Written by Jonathan Hassell11 April 13 16:10

4 Ways Federal Fiscal Austerity Will Impact CIOs

First there was the fiscal cliff. Now there's the sequester. Neither caused the sky to fall, but both will have a slow, steady impact on the economy. That means CIOs should tread carefully when crafting IT budgets for the next couple years--and shouldn't be surprised to hear 'No.'

Written by Jonathan Hassell20 March 13 13:31

7 things about SharePoint 2013 all IT pros should know

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 builds upon previous releases in 2007 and 2010 to better support big data, mobile users and public-facing websites. However, choosing between server- or cloud-based versions of SharePoint 2013 may frustrate IT executives. Here are five highlights and two concerns of the Microsoft's latest SharePoint iteration.

Written by Jonathan Hassell11 Feb. 13 16:53

How to get started building a digital media strategy

Too many companies take a reactionary approach to social media, pouring resources into the 'next big thing' that's already happened. It's better to develop a comprehensive digital media strategy that targets the right social platforms, customers and disruptions and addresses the necessity of remaining flexible and responding to criticism.

Written by Jonathan Hassell06 Feb. 13 09:30

4 Ways to Prepare for and Fend Off DDoS Attacks

Distributed Denial of Service events and other cyber-attacks are an unfortunate inevitability of doing business on the Web today. The four steps presented here will help your company prepare for and respond to a DDoS attack.

Written by Jonathan Hassell14 Jan. 13 17:57

4 Ways the Fiscal Cliff Will Impact CIOs

Odds are, Jan. 2, 2013 won't begin any differently than your last work day of 2012. Even if Congress and the President reach a deal, though, CIOs will feel the impact of the fiscal cliff as the new year progresses. Here are four lessons you should apply to the 'new normal' that austerity demands.

Written by Jonathan Hassell20 Dec. 12 15:13

SharePoint 2010 cheat sheet

SharePoint 2010 can be a great collaboration tool. Here's what you need to know to find your way around.

Written by Jonathan Hassell11 Dec. 12 11:14

5 keys to enterprise social networking success

Enterprise social networking helps employees collaborate in a comfortable way. To have a real impact, though, you'll need a robust platform - one that integrates with your corporate directory, takes governance seriously and meets three additional important criteria.

Written by Jonathan Hassell28 Nov. 12 17:20

How to Make Change Management a Human Process

CIOs often think of change management in terms of workflows, deployment strategies and budgets. It's just as crucial, though, to make sure executives, subordinates and other colleagues are equal partners in the process. That way, when change does happen, employees actually embrace it.

Written by Jonathan Hassell14 Nov. 12 14:22

Microsoft Build: Wooing Windows 8 developers

At its conference this week, Microsoft pulled out all the stops to convince developers why they should build Windows 8 apps.

Written by Jonathan Hassell02 Nov. 12 15:02

Microsoft's Wave of Office, Server Product Releases Brings Flood of Questions

Amid the Windows 8 buzz, Microsoft has released to manufacturing Office 2013, Exchange, SharePoint and Lync server products. Not surprisingly, there's a heavy emphasis on the cloud. There's also already talk of what might appear in the first service pack releases, which brings into question the whole RTM model.

Written by Jonathan Hassell25 Oct. 12 15:57

Windows 8 first impressions for CIOs and IT pros

Microsoft's new operating system has received mixed early reviews. Get past the missing Start menu and the 'ribbonised' File Explorer, though, and you'll likely find a faster OS that should make workers more productive – especially if you give them new Windows 8 tablets.

Written by Jonathan Hassell10 Oct. 12 13:16