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Stories by Juan Carlos Perez

Google takes enterprise promotion campaign global

Google, not known for using conventional marketing to promote its wares, has nonetheless found that such an approach is effective for its enterprise products and will roll out internationally a campaign it launched in the US in August.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez20 Oct. 09 08:03

Google grows revenue, profit in Q3

Google grew both its revenue and profit in the third quarter, which ended Sept. 30, registering results its CEO called "strong" and that exceeded Wall Street expectations.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez16 Oct. 09 09:51

Click Forensics: Bahama botnet stealing traffic from Google

The Bahama botnet, a sophisticated network of compromised computers that is wreaking click-fraud havoc among advertisers, is also snatching away Web traffic and revenue right from under the nose of mighty Google, Click Forensics said Thursday.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez09 Oct. 09 12:37

Google, authors and publishers get a month to fix settlement

Google, the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers (AAP) have been given one more month to rework their agreement to settle copyright infringement lawsuits that the author and publisher groups filed against the search company.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez08 Oct. 09 07:52

Jive links enterprise social-networking product, CMS tools

Jive Software will begin to deliver later this quarter new modules to link its flagship Social Business Software (SBS) enterprise social-networking product with leading content management systems (CMS) from other vendors.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez07 Oct. 09 01:46

Developers find value in Facebook's app verification program

Facebook's Application Verification program can be improved, but it's good enough and money well spent because it significantly raises the visibility and usage of certified applications, according to participating developers.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez06 Oct. 09 02:56

Facebook warns members about rise in '419' scam

More and more fraudsters are harvesting the log-in data of Facebook members in order to impersonate them and ask their friends for money, according to the social-networking company.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez01 Oct. 09 00:56

Yahoo updates Zimbra's application platform

Yahoo has updated the application platform of its Zimbra messaging and collaboration suite, making it possible for developers to create more sophisticated gadgets that can be integrated with the product more deeply.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez01 Oct. 09 05:19

Yahoo opens new home page to external developers

Yahoo is opening its newly redesigned home page to external developers so that they can build applications for it, the company said Tuesday.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez30 Sept. 09 01:52

NewsGator upgrades Social Sites with microblogging

NewsGator's Social Sites, an enterprise social-networking complement to Microsoft's SharePoint Server 2007, now features Twitter-like microblogging capabilities tailored for workplace communications.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez30 Sept. 09 06:03