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Stories by Juan Carlos Perez

Judge agrees to postpone Google Books hearing

The Authors Guild, the Association of American Publishers (AAP) and Google will get more time to modify their proposed agreement to settle lawsuits the two organizations filed against the search company over its book search service.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez25 Sept. 09 06:58

Google's Sidewiki lets people post comments about Web pages

Google has launched a new feature in its Toolbar product that opens up a browser sidebar in Firefox and Internet Explorer to let people post and read comments about Web pages they visit.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez24 Sept. 09 05:14

Plaintiffs ask for more time in Google book search case

The Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers (AAP) want more time to rework their proposed agreement with Google to settle a lawsuit over the search company's book search service.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez23 Sept. 09 07:51

Picasa gains face recognition capabilities

The latest version of Google's Picasa photo-management software adds face-recognition features and simplifies geotagging, the company announced Tuesday.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez23 Sept. 09 06:49

DOJ: Court should reject Google book search settlement

The U.S. Department of Justice has come out against the proposed agreement to settle copyright lawsuits that authors and major publishers filed against Google over the search company's book search program.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez21 Sept. 09 05:47

Sophisticated botnet causing a surge in click fraud

A new botnet has caused a sharp spike in click fraud because it is skirting the most sophisticated filters of search engines, Web publishers and ad networks, according to Click Forensics.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez18 Sept. 09 06:58

Google buys reCAPTCHA to boost book scanning efforts

Google plans to accelerate its massive efforts to scan tens of millions of books and periodicals with the acquisition on Wednesday of a company called reCAPTCHA.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez17 Sept. 09 05:23

Jive tool aims to help companies track social media chatter

With consumers venting opinions about vendors left and right on blogs, social networks, discussion forums and news sites, Jive Software has developed a tool to help companies monitor and analyze relevant online chatter.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez16 Sept. 09 05:39

MySpace to open source in-house data analysis technology

MySpace on Tuesday will release as open source a technology called Qizmt that it developed in-house to mine and crunch massive amounts of data and generate friend recommendations in its social-networking site.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez16 Sept. 09 05:36

Ask.com promotes breast cancer awareness and fund-raising

Ask.com has launched a special version of its search engine site devoted to raising awareness and funds for Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a nonprofit breast cancer organization.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez15 Sept. 09 07:18

Google tries to enhance news browsing with Fast Flip

Google is developing a product called Fast Flip that aims to make it simpler and faster to browse through news articles on the Web, a process that the company finds is cumbersome and discourages people from reading more online.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez15 Sept. 09 07:42

Twitter: Your 'tweets' belong to you

Twitter has modified the terms of service that govern the proper user of the microblogging and social-networking site to state unequivocally that messages posted belong to their authors and not to the company.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez14 Sept. 09 07:32