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Stories by Juan Carlos Perez

DOJ pushes probe of Oracle-Sun deal beyond deadline

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) needs more time to examine Oracle's proposed acquisition of Sun Microsystems beyond an initial review period, Oracle said Friday.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez29 June 09 08:14

Facebook tests improved posting tool

Facebook has started to test a new version of its Publisher, the tool that members can use to post notes, status updates, links, photos, videos and other content on their profile "wall" and share them with their friends.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez25 June 09 04:18

Intel, Oracle, PayPal back ID technology interop group

The Kantara Initiative, formed to promote interoperability among identity verification applications and services, launched on Wednesday with big-name backers like Oracle, Intel, eBay's PayPal, AOL, CA, Novell, Fidelity Investments, Liberty Alliance, Boeing, Internet Society and British Telecom.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez17 June 09 23:24

Reports: DOJ turns up the heat on Google's book deal

The U.S. Department of Justice has stepped up its review of a deal that would settle a lawsuit publishers and authors filed against Google over the latter's book search engine, according to published reports.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez11 June 09 04:01

Time Warner ditches troubled AOL unit

Time Warner will finally rid itself of AOL, its struggling Internet subsidiary, by spinning it off as a publicly traded company.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez29 May 09 04:28

Google's Wave consolidates core online features in one tool

Google released to developers an early version of a collaboration and communication tool that consolidates features from e-mail, instant messaging, blogging, wikis, multimedia management and document sharing.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez29 May 09 04:38

Google seeks to boost geo apps with new Maps API

Google has released a new API for Google Maps designed to relieve developers of the burden of maintaining their own repositories for geographical data.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez22 May 09 04:19

Bugs hit Facebook application verification program

Facebook's Application Verification Program, controversial due to its concept of charging developers to have their applications certified as "trustworthy," has run into technical problems.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez22 May 09 09:55

Yahoo developer tool identifies locations in apps, docs

Yahoo has created a technology that simplifies and automates for developers the process of identifying geographical references in the content that their applications process.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez21 May 09 05:27

Facebook gives major boost to OpenID

Facebook has adopted the OpenID user-identity framework to simplify how people register for and log into the social networking site.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez19 May 09 05:20