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Stories by Juan Carlos Perez

Click fraud identification guidelines released

The Interactive Advertising Bureau has published guidelines for determining when fraudsters are taking advantage of pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez14 May 09 04:37

MySpace's new CEO is former Facebook executive

News Corp. has chosen a former Facebook executive to lead MySpace, the company said Friday, a day after announcing that the current CEO would step down.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez27 April 09 05:53

Amazon.com eyes CIOs with its AWS cloud IT services

Although skeptics raised eyebrows over Amazon.com's decision to provide hosted IT infrastructure services, the e-commerce giant remains firmly committed to this business, as it increasingly courts CIOs and IT managers.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez27 April 09 05:13

MySpace CEO to step down

Chris DeWolfe will hand over his CEO title at MySpace, whose growth has stagnated over the past year while the popularity of rival Facebook booms.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez24 April 09 05:47

Google Apps missing enterprise social-networking revolution

By now, many collaboration software providers consider it a must to have an enterprise social-networking component in their suites, but Google, which shook up this market with its Web-hosted Apps product in 2006, stands out for lacking this capability.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez24 March 09 08:38

Customer satisfaction drops for e-commerce sites

The online shopping experience last year left U.S. customers less satisfied with e-commerce than they were in 2007, according to a new report.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez18 Feb. 09 09:41

Judge dismisses Google Street View case

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a Pennsylvania family against Google after the company took and posted images of the outside of their house in its Maps service.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez19 Feb. 09 05:39

Google Q4 earnings plummet, revenue up 18%

Google's profit took a dive in the fourth quarter, which ended Dec. 31, while revenue grew almost 20 percent, the company announced Thursday.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez26 Jan. 09 11:15

Yahoo taps Bartz as CEO, Decker walks

Yahoo said on Tuesday it has chosen former Autodesk CEO Carol Bartz as its next CEO to replace Jerry Yang, who announced his intention to step down in November.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez15 Jan. 09 08:15

Analysts: Google spreading itself too thin

As Google enters its second decade of existence with no apparent rivals for the search-king throne, industry observers warn that the company's biggest enemy may be itself.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez08 Sept. 08 08:34

At 10, Google reiterates commitment to CIOs

Google, which celebrates 10 years of its incorporation this month, remains strongly committed to its Enterprise unit and to the customers it serves, including IT and business managers and CIOs, although most of the company's revenue comes from online advertising.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez08 Sept. 08 08:36

As Google turns 10, enterprise success in question

Most computer industry companies would feel satisfied with ruling the highly lucrative and technically complex search engine advertising market -- but not Google.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez08 Sept. 08 08:08

Developers: Facebook redesign risky but needed

Facebook's major overhaul of its core member profile pages is a risky but necessary move for the world's second-largest online social network, according to several developers of popular applications for the site.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez26 May 08 08:00

Facebook pushes ahead with profile redesign

Facebook will roll out a dramatic redesign of its member profile interface next month and much attention is being paid to the details and to how end users and developers will react.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez26 May 08 08:29

OpenSocial targets social apps API 'balkanization'

Google's OpenSocial initiative to establish common, standard APIs for creating social-networking applications is still in its early days. But its impact for end users, developers, Web site owners, social-network operators and even business application vendors could be huge in the long run.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez22 Nov. 07 07:28