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Stories by Juan Carlos Perez

Google stands firm behind News search site

One of Google's most popular, older and controversial services, Google News, is the article aggregation and search site that media companies love to hate because it has become a major source of Web traffic and frustrations for many of them.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez24 May 07 08:05

Mancini to boost eBay's innovation

EBay has big plans to provide more programming tools, like new SDKs (software development kits) and APIs (application programming interfaces), to its community of about 45,000 third-party developers. The goal is to help external developers increase the volume and variety of applications they create for the company's marketplace, and in particular to increase applications for eBay buyers. Max Mancini, the recently appointed senior director of platform and innovation at eBay, spoke to IDG News Service about these developer plans and about another group he heads called the Disruptive Innovation team, started last year.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez05 March 07 08:59

IBM prepares Linux version of Sametime

IBM is porting Lotus Sametime to Linux, the first time this enterprise instant messaging platform will support the popular open source operating system.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez15 Aug. 06 07:15