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Stories by Tony Bradley

10 years from Hurricane Katrina: IT lessons learned

Ten years after Katrina devastated New Orleans, IT pros say being less dependent on physical locations is just one of the keys to ensuring your company doesn’t go out of business when disaster strikes.

Written by Tony Bradley28 Aug. 15 17:26

R.I.P. Cisco Cius - another tablet bites the dust

Cisco is pulling the plug on its Cius tablet. Despite the fact that the Cius never really went head to head with more consumer-centric tablets, the Cisco device is nevertheless the latest victim of the iPad's dominance.

Written by Tony Bradley25 May 12 18:58

AOL patents: What's in it for Microsoft?

AOL announced that it has closed a deal to sell more than 800 patents to Microsoft. The deal is just north of a billion dollars, and it's easy to see why AOL might want to cash in on the intellectual property. What is less clear is why Microsoft is interested in the patent portfolio, or what Microsoft gains from the deal.

Written by Tony Bradley10 April 12 05:23

Opinion: Why Linux on the desktop is dead

Linux is awesome. It's a powerful, capable, flexible operating system with tremendous potential. But, it's never going to be a factor on the desktop, so don't even waste your time considering it.

Written by Tony Bradley26 March 12 01:36

Opinion: Tablets won't kill the PC, just replace it

I think the idea of the "post-PC era" needs some clarification. There is much hoopla and fanfare being dedicated to dwindling PC sales, and the idea that tablets - specifically the Apple iPad - are going to be the death knell for PCs. It's not a "death", it's an "evolution" and the tablet is just the new PC.

Written by Tony Bradley12 March 12 02:02

Kindle Fire creates dilemma for Android

The Amazon Kindle Fire is living up to its name by setting the tablet market on fire. Pre-orders of the as yet unreleased tablet have been phenomenal. The success of the Kindle Fire, however, puts Android tablets in general between a rock and a hard place.

Written by Tony Bradley12 Nov. 11 03:48

Microsoft leaves Duqu worm exploit unpatched

Today is Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday for the month of November--the eleventh Patch Tuesday of 2011. It is a light month from Microsoft, with only four security bulletins. The big news, though, is that a zero day flaw being exploited by the Duqu worm is not among the vulnerabilities fixed by Microsoft today.

Written by Tony Bradley09 Nov. 11 08:48

Why Steve Jobs is right about Android

Over the weekend I wrote an article titled "What If Steve Jobs Is Right?" As the title implies, the post was a hypothetical look at the possibility that Steve Jobs' assertion that Android is a "stolen product" is true.

Written by Tony Bradley25 Oct. 11 04:02

Five things Apple needs to do to improve Siri

Siri and I just met a few days ago. I think we're getting along pretty well so far (although she seems to get a bit testy and sarcastic when I ask her to "open the pod bay doors."). As great as Siri seems, though, Apple is calling this a beta and I can see why.

Written by Tony Bradley21 Oct. 11 02:26

What Google's Rubin doesn't understand about Siri

The head of Google's Android mobile OS, Andy Rubin, doesn't think your smartphone should be your personal assistant. In comments made during an interview at the AsiaD conference this week, Rubin downplayed the impact of Siri -- the voice interactive personal assistant included with the iPhone 4S.

Written by Tony Bradley21 Oct. 11 09:18

Four ways RIM can rebound from BlackBerry outage

BlackBerry users around the world have been impacted this week with service outages. RIM has offered an explanation of the problem, and it has apologized, but it is going to take more than a simple "We're sorry" for RIM to regain the faith of loyal customers.

Written by Tony Bradley14 Oct. 11 09:09

Steve Jobs: Life and leadership lessons

Steve Jobs has passed away. The man was a unique genius who transformed the world because he believed he could.

Written by Tony Bradley07 Oct. 11 02:37