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Stories by Deni Connor

Dell enters converged networking market

Dell entered the Fibre Channel over Ethernet market last week with OEM deals from Brocade and QLogic and endorsed 10Gigabit Ethernet as a customer's technology of choice.

Written by Deni Connor14 Dec. 09 23:41

EMC finally rolls out FAST

EMC rolled out this week its much anticipated FAST software, which automatically migrates data between tiers of storage based on policies the storage administrator sets.

Written by Deni Connor10 Dec. 09 01:40

Symantec enhances Veritas Storage Foundation

Symantec has announced that it has enhanced three of its flagship products – Veritas Storage Foundation, Veritas Cluster File System and Veritas Cluster Server – with support for migrating data into and out of solid state drives and the ability to reclaim unused storage. In addition, the company has enhanced the failover capabilities of Veritas Cluster File System to work with structured data in Oracle, Sybase or IBM DB2 applications.

Written by Deni Connor08 Dec. 09 02:37

Acadia, Cisco, EMC, VMware data center cloud unveiled

Cisco, EMC and VMware last week unveiled the much rumored joint venture to sell their products to companies wanting to build internal clouds. Called Acadia (for who knows what reason), the joint venture is a collaboration between the three companies that will launch in 2010 and sell what they call Vblocks, preconfigured packages of Cisco UCS blade servers, EMC storage gear, VMware virtualization software and EMC Ionix management software.

Written by Deni Connor11 Nov. 09 23:43

The week in storage

Last week in storage garnered several announcements from SteelEye, 3PAR, Brocade and Thales.

Written by Deni Connor05 Nov. 09 00:43

VMware Remains Only Holdout on Multi-vendor Virtual Server Management

Managing both the hardware and software of rivals has been a standard feature for management software vendors for years. Only recently however, have virtualization vendors begun to follow suit -- offering the ability to manage not only their own virtual server environments, but those of competitors as well.

Written by Deni Connor08 Aug. 08 08:18

Virtual-Server Vendors' Apps Manage Competing Products

Virtual-server vendors are following the example of systems-management and physical-server vendors by expanding their management applications to control not only their own virtual server environments, but those of their competitors.

Written by Deni Connor24 July 08 08:33

Do VMware Certifications Offer a Competitive Weapon

Even as Microsoft rolls out ever-more-refined beta versions of its hypervisor, VMware is emphasizing technical knowledge about virtualization in general and facility with its own products in particular as a way to maintain its market dominance. Its most recent evolution is a certification program designed for the architects behind virtualization deployments, a move that is generally applauded by IT managers.

Written by Deni Connor16 June 08 15:56

Diligent CTO demystifies data deduplication

Diligent Technologies is among the pioneers of data deduplication technology, which helps enterprises reduce redundant copies of data and, in turn, shrink storage requirements and shorten backup times. Neville Yates, Diligent's CTO, talked with Network World Senior Editor Deni Connor about the varying deduplication technologies used with today's virtual tape libraries (VTL).

Written by Deni Connor04 May 07 12:14

BRAINSHARE - Novell chief on Microsoft deal

At Novell's annual BrainShare user conference, CEO and President Ron Hovsepian sat down with Network World Senior Editor Deni Connor to talk about the Novell-Microsoft interoperability agreement and how it's helping Novell attract customers with mixed operating system environments.

Written by Deni Connor21 March 07 09:46