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Stories by Peter Coffee

Blog: What the Cloud can Carry

It's almost unfortunate that early generations of Software as a Service were strongly influenced by small-and-medium business (SMB) needs for simplicity and ease of use. When that origin is combined with the limited feature set and shallow customization tools of many consumer-grade Web applications, people can easily underestimate the true capability of cloud-based applications and platforms.

Written by Peter Coffee14 July 08 14:33

Blog: IT's Not Supposed to be a Dirty Job

IT World has put out a list of the "seven dirtiest jobs in IT": it's dated in March, but just surfaced this week on my Google News radar. The good news, they hasten to say, is that mastering the associated skill sets for any of these tasks will pretty much assure you of employment; the bad news is that you can't expect to enjoy it.

Written by Peter Coffee11 July 08 15:30

Blog: Blood and Code

People sometimes compare IT to the nervous system of the organization, but I found myself thinking the other day that it's more like the circulatory system. Sitting in an awkward position can make your leg go to sleep, but that's just a transitory numbness or tingle: move your leg, and it will come back to life after a minute or two of discomfort. Cutting off the blood supply to your leg will make it die, just as lack of key information can lead to a gangrenous loss of a key customer or partner: that's not something that will fix itself.

Written by Peter Coffee02 Nov. 07 12:55