Stories by Lauren Brousell

Fancred a must-have social app for sports buffs

Fancred is a sports-centric social network that offers live streaming and gamification features as well as news and scores, making it a one-stop shop for fans. But how does its mobile app score for additional news sources, fantasy sports integration and ecommerce options?

Written by Lauren Brousell28 Sept. 15 22:58

Millennials want to be leaders — but not without big salaries, perks

A new survey suggests millennial workers respect their bosses, look to them for motivation and want to become leaders themselves, but salary, workplace perks and high-end technology are more important to them than to older generations.

Written by Lauren Brousell24 Sept. 15 21:01

How to create your own Snapchat geofilter

Snapchat geofilters are a fun way to show your location through your photos and videos. But what if no geofilters are available for your favorite neighborhood, town or landmark (or you just want to add your own)? It’s easy to create a geofilter. Here’s how.

Written by Lauren Brousell19 Sept. 15 15:00

Big sports teams look to small startups for tech edge

Savvy sports organizations, including the Los Angeles Dodgers and Cleveland Cavaliers, increasingly look to the startup community for technologies that can enhance the fan experience and improve business operations, on and off the field.

Written by Lauren Brousell17 Sept. 15 15:00

How the Red Sox brought new tech to baseball's oldest park

Boston Red Sox IT staff faced the unique challenge of deploying public Wi-Fi without disturbing the original structures or feel of the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball. The initiative is just one part of an ongoing effort to collect and analyze fan data, and to provide the fan experience of the future. Check out this video for details.

Written by Lauren Brousell02 Sept. 15 20:00

Virginia shooting exposes dark side of social video

The tragic killing of two reporters during a newscast last week played out live on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The alleged shooter's use of social media raises questions about how popular social services manage auto-play video.

Written by Lauren Brousell31 Aug. 15 19:03

Millennials will move, take less money for IT jobs

A new survey suggests millennials seeking IT jobs are willing to accept less money and relocate in exchange for positions they're passionate about, but they also aren't afraid to quickly move on if they are dissatisfied with current employers.

Written by Lauren Brousell28 Aug. 15 15:00

Why social media could swing the 2016 presidential election

Candidates in the 2016 U.S. presidential election use more social networks than politicians of the past, in hopes of tapping the millennial market. However, it's difficult to measure real ROI, and the social trail is fraught with political perils.

Written by Lauren Brousell27 Aug. 15 14:55

Inside look at TopGolf's high tech driving ranges

TopGolf transforms the traditional driving range with a technology-infused, gamified experience for golfers of all levels.'s Lauren Brousell talks with TopGolf's CIO and shares a personal experience at one of its facilities in Texas.

Written by Lauren Brousell21 Aug. 15 15:00

How Pinterest is taking on its diversity dilemma

Popular 'social bulletin' site, Pinterest, made a statement when it detailed plans to interview and hire more female and minority candidates in its engineering and technology departments, as well as at the executive level. Here's how — and why.

Written by Lauren Brousell19 Aug. 15 15:00

How Snapchat's new Travel Mode reduces data drain

One of the benefits of using Snapchat, the "disappearing" social photo and video app, to share media is that it doesn't fill up your photo library with stupid selfies or the pointless photos of that lunch you just had to share with friends. However, the app does tend to use up a lot of wireless data and battery life, which is unfortunate for those of us with limited data plans and older smartphones. Thankfully, the company rolled out a new Travel Mode feature this week that mitigates these issues.

Written by Lauren Brousell14 Aug. 15 23:31

How the PGA uses analytics, beacons and social to enhance fan experience

During a professional golf tournament, fans know it's not possible to see every golfer, every swing and every putt in real time. For the 2015 PGA Championship at Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wis., this week the PGA beefed up the fan experience on and within its mobile app, so fans can see more of the action, whether they're on the course or watching from home.

Written by Lauren Brousell14 Aug. 15 01:05