Stories by Lauren Brousell

Gamification Helps Utility Companies Change Customer Behavior

In exchange for discounts from their favorite companies, people will like corporate Facebook pages, fill out surveys and join mailing lists. But power companies have to get their customers to do more than that.

Written by Lauren Brousell28 Oct. 14 01:06

6 Ways CIOs Are Moving to the Digital Enterprise

The newest buzzword in IT is digital enterprise – a company with all-digital customer interactions, processes, jobs and information that's fast and easy to access. A panel of CIOs and a CMO at the recent CIO Perspectives Chicago event to talk about how companies are becoming fully digital and addressing the challenges associated with it.

Written by Lauren Brousell07 Oct. 14 00:32

4 Tips to Help CIOs Land a Seat on the Board

To make the jump from IT to a corporate board, CIOs have to change their thinking. Their mission is no longer all about IT projects, ROI or uptime. It's also about educating boards of directors about IT risk, competitors and digital disruption. At CIO Perspectives Chicago last week, Adam Hartung, a member of National Association of Corporate Directors and managing partner of Spark Partners, offered some tips to CIOs on how to get on a board and how to bring value to the discussions once they get there.

Written by Lauren Brousell27 Sept. 14 03:57

Nasdaq Mobile App Makes the Investor Road Show Smoother

The job of an investor relations (IR) professional is all about the next meeting. Whether the meeting is with a potential investor or an analyst or someone at a conference, it's up to IR pros to stay informed about market fluctuations and news so they can compete for capital and investors.

Written by Lauren Brousell28 Aug. 14 00:08

5 Things CIOs and VCs Can Learn From Each Other

CIOs and venture capitalists (VCs) sit at different ends of the technology implementation spectrum: VCs are the initial investors and vendor catalysts. CIOs are the buyers when a technology or concept becomes productized. The two groups often come together, however, to discuss possible deals, explore technology trends and seek each other's expertise.

Written by Lauren Brousell15 Aug. 14 07:42

Millennials Dispel 5 Myths About Their Generation

Everyone is obsessed with millennials -- hiring them, managing them, understanding them. But what to do millennials think about how they are perceived? Staff writer Lauren Brousell (a member of Gen Y herself) recently moderated a panel packed with millennials at CIO Perspectives and sets the record straight.

Written by Lauren Brousell21 June 14 02:28

CIOs Must Collaborate to Spark Transformation

"Don't boil the ocean," was the advice David Thompson, CIO of Western Union, offered at CIO Perspectives San Francisco this week. "If you wait three years to deliver value, the business will lose interest."

Written by Lauren Brousell28 May 14 04:22

Fashion Retailer Adds 'Tech Tables' to Stores

Chico's, a women's clothing retailer, is adding in-store 'tech tables' and a digital magazine to flesh out its omnichannel strategy

Written by Lauren Brousell31 March 14 20:36

8 Ways Big Data and Analytics Will Change Sports

The leading minds in sports convened in Boston last week at the annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference to share ideas about how big data will be a game-changer for fans, players, coaches, officials and front-office personnel.

Written by Lauren Brousell13 March 14 17:44

NFL's CIO Looks to Improve Fan Experience With In-Stadium Tech

NFL CIO Michelle McKenna-Doyle talks about plans to encourage NFL teams to deploy Wi-Fi and analytics engines in their stadiums. The goal is to improve the in-stadium experience, to allow fans the ability to use their mobile devices to consume more football content and share the experience.

Written by Lauren Brousell21 Jan. 14 13:35

5 things businesses need to know about Google Glass

Much of the talk surrounding Google Glass has focused on its consumer appeal. However, the device does have enterprise potential. CIOs should consider developing applications such as providing diagnostic advice to field service workers and mobile coupons to retail customers.

Written by Lauren Brousell04 Oct. 13 15:41