Stories by Lauren Brousell

How Gamification Reshapes Corporate Training

If you have a hard time getting employees to attend corporate training, maybe you need to add a little fun. To motivate workers to attend training courses, Deloitte put its course catalog online and added gamification. Badges? Turns out you do need stinkin' badges.

Written by Lauren Brousell05 Feb. 13 17:38

Mobile App Helps the Harried Sales Rep

Siri has a cousin: Sophia is a voice-recognition app that helps on-the-go sales representatives handle recordkeeping chores.

Written by Lauren Brousell21 Dec. 12 14:40

Five tips to find and hire data scientists

Data scientists are in demand in this era of big data. IT hiring managers, however, are struggling in their search for qualified candidates (as even the candidates themselves may not realise they are a fit for the role). Here are five ways you can recruit data scientists.

Written by Lauren Brousell03 Dec. 12 10:40

Five Things You Need to Know About Smart Cities

IT applications such as smartphone apps and cloud-based infrastructure management can be powerful tools for improving the quality of life in urban settings

Written by Lauren Brousell15 Nov. 12 13:44

Mobile Payments Are Just a Text Message Away

Barclays Bank puts a personal spin on mobile payments with a person-to-person mobile app that lets customers send and receive payments via text messages between iPhone, Android and Blackberry mobile phones.

Written by Lauren Brousell29 Oct. 12 17:54

CIOs should get to know their chief legal officers

CIOs and chief legal officers need to communicate early and often to build a deeper relationship. Discussion topics include data privacy, e-discovery and policies for mobile devices.

Written by Lauren Brousell28 Sept. 12 21:43

Big Data Projects Lack Big Budgets

Most CIOs say big data technologies will become mainstream in three years, but they struggle to get funding and to find the data scientists they need

Written by Lauren Brousell28 Sept. 12 21:06

How CX Helped AT&T Sell More iPhones and Otterboxes

When you walk in to a phone service provider store eager to buy a new smartphone after you accidentally dropped your iPhone in the toilet, you know it's going to be a long afternoon. Even if you already have the iPhone5 or an Android device like the Samsung Galaxy S3 in mind, you're still faced with decisions about different data plans, contract commitments and accessories.

Written by Lauren Brousell28 Sept. 12 16:21

Five things CIOs need to know about CX

CX (or customer experience) has become critically important to doing business. If you're not already checking in with how your customer sees your business, it's time to start.

Written by Lauren Brousell15 Sept. 12 21:09

NKU grads get high-tech education, jobs

Northern Kentucky University built a new high-tech building, Griffin Hall, to host students in tech-related majors and the employers who may hire them

Written by Lauren Brousell27 July 12 13:19