Stories by Megan Santosus

6 steps to boost data center power and cooling efficiency

A study released by Stanford University professor Jonathan Koomey pegs growth in energy use among US data centers at 36 per cent from 2005 to 2010 - which is slower than some had predicted but nonetheless significant.

Written by Megan Santosus08 Oct. 11 09:26

Cloud-based storage improves disaster recovery at Situs

When Bill McCown joined The Situs Companies six years ago, the Houston-based real estate consulting firm was anticipating growth, and the company figured its tape-based backup systems would need to be upgraded. Then came September 2008, when Hurricane Ike slammed into Houston.

Written by Megan Santosus27 Aug. 11 07:53

4 tips for keeping your data center cool this summer

Now that summer is in full swing, it's natural for IT shops to be concerned about keeping their data centers cool. But with limited budgets, keeping the data center operating efficiently without blowing the utility bill out of the water can be a challenge.

Written by Megan Santosus21 July 11 05:36

Making It on Their Own

End-user developers are everywhere. The key is getting them to work for you

Written by Megan Santosus08 June 05 15:12

They Don't Care Too Much for Money

Once again, it behoves CIOs to reward their star performers. But how will they do it? Cutting bonus cheques would be the wrong answer.

Written by Megan Santosus06 Oct. 04 10:14

The Lowdown on E-Voting

Recent elections have highlighted flaws in US voting procedures and prompted a push to apply IT to the casting and counting of votes. Critics worry the government is going from bad to worse in adopting the new technology without working out all the bugs

Written by Megan Santosus30 July 04 17:41

Inferiority Complex

Even though the importance of IT is continually reaffirmed, CIOs insist on questioning their role

Written by Megan Santosus07 April 04 14:11

Who's the Boss?

CIOs need to learn to tailor messages to the decision-makers they're addressing

Written by Megan Santosus09 Dec. 03 12:54

Why More Is Less

Recent evidence shows that multitasking is an enormous waste of your time and your company's money.

Written by Megan Santosus08 Oct. 03 10:20

Here in Body Only

You don't have to do anything to retain employees when they have nowhere to go. But doing nothing now will lead to problems tomorrow

Written by Megan Santosus11 Sept. 03 13:01

Why You Need a Project Management Office

Companies seeking more efficiency and tighter monitoring of IT projects are opening project management offices in growing numbers. But don't expect a quick fix, easy metrics or an immediate payback

Written by Megan Santosus07 Aug. 03 11:05

How to Negotiate Compensation

While for CIOs the boom times of multiple job offers and stock options that would make King Midas jealous are over, that doesn't mean you can't land a new job with a swell compensation package.

Written by Megan Santosus03 Dec. 01 12:17

Skills So Soft

Train your employees - especially newly minted executives - in the fine art of people skills

Written by Megan Santosus06 March 00 10:31