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Gartner: Top 10 strategic technology trends for 2013

If some of the top 10 strategic technology trends going into 2013 look familiar it's because quite a few -- like cloud computing and mobile trends -- have been around for awhile but are now either morphing or changing in ways that will continue to impact IT in the next year.

Written by Michael Cooney23 Oct. 12 18:46

Gartner: 10 critical IT trends for the next five years

Trying to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to IT issues is not a job for the faint of heart. That point was driven home at Gartner's IT annual IT Symposium fest here where analyst David Cappuccio outlined what he called "new forces that are not easily controlled by IT are pushing themselves to the forefront of IT spending."

Written by Michael Cooney22 Oct. 12 19:48

What's the big idea?

It seems the public and private industry are more frequently being asked to come up with ideas for what might best be called "the Next Big Things." The main driver of this trend is the U.S. government but there are a number of private enterprises looking to pay you good money for your ideas.

Written by Michael Cooney22 Oct. 12 04:48

FTC throws down robocall gauntlet: $50,000 for best way to stop annoying calls

It's not clear if the Federal Trade Commission is throwing up its hands at the problem or just wants some new ideas about how to combat it, but the agency is now offering $50,000 to anyone who can create what it calls an innovative way to block illegal commercial robocalls on landlines and mobile phones.

Written by Michael Cooney19 Oct. 12 15:45

FTC warns 19 online sites about falsely promoting International Driving Permits

The Federal Trade Commission today said it fired off 19 warning letters to online sites it said were illegally selling documents to obtain International Driving Permits. The FTC says that consumer groups and state and local law enforcers have charged that in some cases, the documents are being promoted as legitimate identification to undocumented immigrants in the United States.

Written by Michael Cooney15 Oct. 12 19:40

The 10 most common mobile security problems and how you can fight them

When it comes to security, most mobile devices are a target waiting to be attacked. That's pretty much the conclusion of a report to Congress on the status of the security of mobile devices this week by watchdogs at the Government Accountability Office.

Written by Michael Cooney19 Sept. 12 15:26

IBM pumps up high-end mainframe speed, capacity

IBM today continued the evolution of its mainframe family by introducing a system it says is 25% faster and has 50% more capacity than the current high-end machine.

Written by Michael Cooney28 Aug. 12 16:31

In Pictures: NASA's hot radiation mission

NASA is set to launch its Radiation Belt Storm Probes (RBSP) to explore the most intense areas of radiation around Earth

Written by Michael Cooney24 Aug. 12 08:40

In Pictures: The fascinating world of the ubiquitous antenna

The antenna - it has been around so long and is mounted and used so routinely it is rarely even noticed. But such antenna technology has changed a lot over the years and has gone into space, war, water and just about anywhere else you can imagine. Here we take a look the world of the ubiquitous antenna.

Written by Michael Cooney15 Aug. 12 08:25

Federal watchdog calls on FCC to reassess mobile phone radiation issues

Noting that the Federal Communications Commission's Radio Frequency exposure limits may not reflect the latest research, and testing requirements may not identify maximum exposure in all possible usage conditions, the Government Accountability Office today said the agency should reassess and possibly change its regulations regarding mobile phone radiation.

Written by Michael Cooney08 Aug. 12 20:25