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Stories by Jeremy Kirk

Server software poses soft target for ransomware

An alternate method for infecting computers with ransomware signals a shift in tactics by cybercriminals that could put businesses at greater risk, according to Symantec.

Written by Jeremy Kirk06 April 16 11:13

WhatsApp turns on end-to-end encryption

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has strengthened the encryption of its widely used instant messaging app, a development that in theory makes it harder for law enforcement to gain access to communications.

Written by Jeremy Kirk06 April 16 10:47

The Syrian Electronic Army was careless with Gmail, Facebook

Three men who allegedly were part of a multi-year hacking campaign with the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) left a long digital trail that didn't make them hard to identify, according to court documents.

Written by Jeremy Kirk23 March 16 12:14

Tor Project says it can quickly catch spying code

The Tor Project is fortifying its software so that it can quickly detect if its network is tampered with for surveillance purposes, a top developer for the volunteer project wrote on Monday.

Written by Jeremy Kirk22 March 16 13:47

5 things you need to know about SSL

Here's a quick and dirty guide to SSL/TLS, one of the most important technologies for securing data on the Internet.

Written by Jeremy Kirk19 March 16 05:20