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Stories by James Hutchinson

NBN Co CIO: The IT leadership strategy of Australia’s new telco - Part 2

NBN Co’s tasks are split between network construction and business-as-usual telecommunications, and few of the company’s employees could map out the same 20-year careers at the company that often herald the same position at Telstra. They share much of the history, however; many of the staff hired so far herald from chief executive, Mike Quigley’s own alma mater — Alcatel-Lucent — as well as a range of Australian and international telcos.

Written by James Hutchinson16 Aug. 11 08:00

NBN Co CIO: The IT leadership strategy of Australia’s new telco - Part 1

NBN Co has a head start that would leave many telcos green with envy. Armed with $27 billion in government funding, and at least $9 billion from debt markets, the two-yearold National Broadband Network wholesaler has the resources and backing that could catapult it ahead many of its decadesold equivalents. That’s not to say the challenge before the organisation isn’t any less daunting; within the decade NBN Co is set to change broadband in Australia. The monopoly wholesaler is bound by carefully worded legislation to provide equal access to many of those it will compete with on a shiny fibre-to-the-home network, and satellite and wireless offshoots. Best of all, the company is starting with a clean slate.

Written by James Hutchinson15 Aug. 11 11:04

The six million dollar vendor

Between 2005 and 2010, Gartner estimated IT managers and executive decision makers have gone from dealing with an average of 3.7 vendors to 10. The onset of Cloud computing as well as the revival of service outsourcing in wake of the economic downturn have only exacerbated this as companies increasingly look to multi-source their services to obtain the functionality they need at a cost they can afford.

Written by James Hutchinson14 July 11 07:00

Shared services: Learning the lessons from Queensland and WA

Really, they should have seen it coming. All the signs were there. Queensland Health, a state government department responsible for paying its 78,000 staff some $210 million in salaries fortnightly, was in dire need for a replacement to its existing payroll system.

Written by James Hutchinson13 July 11 10:49

Coca-Cola Amatil turns Microsoft, won’t look back

Some CIOs understandably treat the consumerisation of IT as a plague — a disease that must be stamped out, lest it subvert the standard operating environment they fought so hard to implement.

Written by James Hutchinson16 June 11 16:13

Health shortlists infrastructure tenders

The national infrastructure partner, one of four such partners sought by the Department of Health and Ageing for the e-health rollout, would deliver, integrate and provide continued maintenance for enabling systems including core system infrastructure; operations and call centres; reporting and template servicing; and separated portals for use by both consumers and healthcare providers.

Written by James Hutchinson24 May 11 12:23

Jetstar targets lean, self-service flying

Jetstar has progressed with plans to sideline the traditional flight check-in counter, overhauling the boarding process to include automated check-ins and new self-service kiosks.

Written by James Hutchinson23 May 11 20:55

Health increases telehealth bounty for specialists

The federal Department of Health and Ageing has poured an additional $216.3 million to fund its telehealth consultations scheme until 2015, with expectations around ten per cent of the nation’s practitioner workforce would take part in the scheme within five years.

Written by James Hutchinson20 May 11 12:39

Exclusive: SKA bid looks to SkyNet for computing

Key players behind the Australian-New Zealand joint bid to host the $2.1 billion Square Kilometre Array radio telescope will launch a grid Cloud computing initiative by September with the aim of potentially harvesting the computing and storage power of desktops worldwide.

Written by James Hutchinson19 May 11 12:05

Ausgrid explores customer incentives in smartgrid push

New South Wales energy utility Ausgrid is exploring customer rebates and reduced tariffs based on the differing energy saving technologies deployed at 50,000 homes slated for the Federal Government’s $100 million Smart Grid, Smart City project.

Written by James Hutchinson18 May 11 17:49

Macquarie Uni to virtualize computer labs

Macquarie University has flagged plans to virtualize many of its student computer labs from the second semester of this year, as part of a ploy to better utilise licensed software both on-premise at the university and remotely.

Written by James Hutchinson17 May 11 12:09

Marc bails out Macquarie Uni on business intelligence

Marc Bailey wants to kill the spreadsheet. At least, that’s what the research fellows at Macquarie University asked for when he first stepped on board as CIO in late 2009.

Written by James Hutchinson16 May 11 10:51

BUDGET 2011: Government axes educational NBN

The Federal Government has axed plans to build a broadband network for vocational education and training institutions, slating $80 million in savings over three years.

Written by James Hutchinson10 May 11 21:37

BUDGET 2011: Global telescope bid receives $40m

The Federal Government has invested $40.2 million over four years to continue Australia and New Zealand’s joint bid to host the global Square Kilometre Array project.

Written by James Hutchinson10 May 11 20:52

BUDGET 2011: Government scraps ISP filter grants

The Federal Government has scrapped plans to subsidise filtering methods implemented by internet service providers under its proposed mandatory internet filtering scheme.

Written by James Hutchinson10 May 11 20:58