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Stories by Maryfran Johnson

How double-duty CIOs cope with non-IT responsibilities

Maryfran Johnson is impressed with the CIOs who take on additional business functions, but wonders how they they do it all without having a nervous breakdown. The answer: great teams, trusted deputies.

Written by Maryfran Johnson28 Aug. 15 13:30

CIOs Need to Drive Companies to Their Digital Destination

I've been a bit obsessed lately with trying to discern the reality behind the trendy buzzphrase "digital enterprise." So I keep asking CIOs what it really means to them and their businesses. We talk a lot about the journey and the mystery surrounding the destination.

Written by Maryfran Johnson31 Oct. 14 00:12

Social Media Rehab for CIOs

Of all the questions I ask CIOs (and I've got an arsenal at my command), there's always one that stops the conversation cold. "So what are you doing with social media?" Um, me personally or my company? "Either." Um, well, let me think ...

Written by Maryfran Johnson29 Sept. 14 23:08

CIOs: Expand Your Skills With M&A

Few business situations are more fraught with equal measures of peril and promise than mergers and acquisitions. Billions of dollars change hands. Thousands of jobs are affected. Yet the majority of M&As never live up to the deal-makers' giddy expectations.

Written by Maryfran Johnson27 Aug. 14 22:36

For Top CIOs, Success Breeds Success

Wildly successful IT projects make great stories. They spin out profitable new lines of business. They help business partners whomp the competition. They send customer satisfaction skyrocketing.

Written by Maryfran Johnson31 July 14 07:07

Editor's Letter: Why CIOs Must Own Data Valuation

As more companies look to profit from the their data, CIOs must grow beyond their traditional roles as data stewards, says CIO magazine's editor in chief.

Written by Maryfran Johnson20 June 14 22:08

CIOs Join Forces to Fight Cancer With IT

Editor in Chief Maryfran Johnson describes the profoundly hopeful and uplifting story of how informal coalitions of CIOs from some of the country's leading medical institutions are crossing boundaries to collaborate in the fight against cancer.

Written by Maryfran Johnson30 May 14 23:32

What CIOs Can Learn on Corporate Boards

Maryfran Johnson says CIOs who serve on external boards add to their heavy workload but gain a valuable new perspective

Written by Maryfran Johnson29 April 14 07:03

CIOs Need to Focus on Competitive Threats

Today's executives can boast about their companies' tech prowess, but they also need to keep an eye on archrivals and new competitors, says Maryfran Johnson.

Written by Maryfran Johnson01 April 14 01:05

Bouncing Back From CIO Unemployment

A long job hunt takes a personal and professional toll, even on the most accomplished IT leaders. Here's how to emerge stronger than ever.

Written by Maryfran Johnson27 Feb. 14 00:36

Will Western Union's Digital Gamble Pay Off?

Facing escalating competition in the mobile payments revolution, a new CIO banks on data analytics to map out a profitable future, writes Editor in Chief Maryfran Johnson.

Written by Maryfran Johnson30 Jan. 14 14:46

Traditional vs. Digital CIOs: Survey Reveals a Growing Divide

CIO magazine's 13th annual State of the CIO research reveals stark contrasts between traditional CIOs who focus more on internal operations and digital CIOs who expand IT's influence externally to work directly with customers and business colleagues.

Written by Maryfran Johnson02 Jan. 14 13:31

A CIO's Survival Guide to Saying No

One of the toughest leadership challenges for CIOs today is having to refuse business requests for new technology. Here's how to keep the lines of IT-business communication open while communicating honestly with your fellow executives.

Written by Maryfran Johnson26 Nov. 13 00:06