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Stories by Clive Gold

Driving big business with big data: Extracting value from information

Imagine this -- a typical Tuesday morning, the corporate network is down. A few years ago, this would have sent offices into panic mode, leaving employees helpless to act until the IT department fixes the problem. Not anymore -- today’s employees have their email and diaries on their smart phones, client lists on their Blackberrys and documents on their iPads. What started as organisations tolerating the odd iPhone and Tablet at the workplace is rather reluctantly evolving to a Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) culture.

Written by Clive Gold19 Oct. 11 11:09

The dangerous migration of IT professionals

It will come as no surprise to most IT professionals that the greater the IT infrastructure sprawl, the less interesting your typical working day will be.

Written by Clive Gold05 Sept. 11 12:13