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Stories by Keir Thomas

ChevronWP7 Hackers to Release Microsoft-approved App

Windows Phone 7 hackers ChevronWP7 are <a href="http://www.chevronwp7.com/post/6629433362/announcing-chevronwp7-labs">soon to release a Microsoft-approved app</a> that allows users to install non-approved software. But that doesn't mean the group and the software giant have kissed and made up.

Written by Keir Thomas19 June 11 01:45

Porn site users beware: Hackers may have your email

The mischievous computer hacking team known as LulzSec has turned its attention from consumer electronics maker Sony to the pornography industry -- at least for now.

Written by Keir Thomas14 June 11 01:30

Apple recall could affect iPad supplies

A recall of some Apple iPads could further constrain supplies of the popular tablet device at a time when the company is already struggling to meet demand.

Written by Keir Thomas14 June 11 01:19

Nokia not ready for a tablet -- yet

If cell phone maker Nokia rolls out a tablet device one day, it will be late to a game where its competitors have a big head start.

Written by Keir Thomas05 June 11 02:32

Windows 8 and the ARM Revolution: The pros and cons

During Microsoft's presentation of Windows 8, a handful of the company's hardware partners showed off tablets and notebooks running the OS, some also featuring Microsoft Office. But if you looked closely, you would've noticed that missing from the equation were Intel and AMD, replaced instead by ARM chips made by rival ARM Holdings.

Written by Keir Thomas03 June 11 06:08

Google clearing up more Android malware

Google has had to remove yet more malware-infected apps offered in its Android Market. As spotted by the Lookout Security Team, 50 applications were infected by a variation of the DroidDream malware that hit in March. Lookout is referring to the new malware as DroidDreamLight and says up to 120,000 Android users might have been affected.

Written by Keir Thomas03 June 11 06:59

Eric Schmidt: Want security? Get a Mac

Speaking at the All Things Digital D9 conference, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said in a wide-ranging Q&A session that the best workstation security is offered by a Mac, coupled with Google's Chrome browser. Additionally, he suggests users of Google's services should activate two-step authentication -- introduced earlier this year -- which requires users to enter a code that's texted to their phone each time they log in on a new computer.

Written by Keir Thomas02 June 11 05:53

No Sony PSN service anytime soon, says latest update

Sony is reneging on a promise to reboot its PlayStation Network and start bringing its 77 million customers back online anytime soon. Sony posted an update to its PlayStation blog Friday stating it was "unaware of the extent of the (network) attack" adding it needs to "conduct further testing of the incredibly complex system" before it can restart its network.

Written by Keir Thomas08 May 11 01:14