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Stories by Lucas Mearian

GM's self-driving tech will stop the car if you're inattentive

GM's upcoming semi-autonomous "Super Cruise" system lets drivers take their hands off the steering wheel, but the technology can determine a driver’s responsiveness and will stop the vehicle automatically if you're not paying attention to the road.

Written by Lucas Mearian02 Dec. 16 08:01

U.S. auto regulators want to block mobile apps while driving

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has proposed guidelines for automakers that include a Driver Mode to automatically take smartphones or tablets offline and reduce distracted driving accidents.

Written by Lucas Mearian30 Nov. 16 07:26

The state of solar power looks bright in 2017 (+video)

While solar and other forms of renewable energy still amount to a small percentage of all power generated, it is the fastest growing energy source in the U.S. As a result, renewable energy is expected to supply 80% of U.S. electricity by 2050.

Written by Lucas Mearian17 Nov. 16 07:16

Self-driving car startup now valued at $1.5B

Zoox Labs, a two-year old Silicon Valley autonomous vehicle start-up, just raised another $50 million in investment funding, which skyrocketed the company's market value to $1.5 billion even before it's shipped a single car.

Written by Lucas Mearian09 Nov. 16 08:21

Tesla to discontinue free EV charging for new cars

Tesla today announced that customers who buy its cars after Jan. 1, 2017 will receive about 1,000 miles worth of free charges from its Supercharging stations. After that, for the first time ever, they'll be required to pay to recharge.

Written by Lucas Mearian08 Nov. 16 04:56