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Lenovo is innovating to lead in the PC+ Era. Already the world's leading PC company, Lenovo is also a leader in smartphones and tablets as it works to become one of the most respected technology companies in the world.

Grappling with ERP: Are rising costs stifling innovation?

Tech execs gathered at Lenovo-sponsored roundtable events in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne recently to discuss their ERP landscapes and how they are striking a balance between the time it takes to maintain these systems and the need to innovate with technology across the business.

Why a modern workforce needs technology to match

Australia’s workforce is changing. Powered by cultural shifts and the dual challenges of disruption and innovation, both employees and employers are seeking to adapt to and embrace a professional landscape which continues to evolve.

Your flexible future workplace

Flexible and activity-based working are transforming the way organisations are run. How will your business evolve in the next few years as these practices become commonplace?