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Red Hat Open Hybrid Cloud

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Architecting a hybrid cloud that speeds up innovation

Hybrid cloud can empower organizations to use digital capabilities and technologies to help them be service delivery ready and facilitate business agility. It allows organizations to focus on innovating instead of “keeping the lights on” by providing a consistent environment to build, deploy, and manage applications, regardless of the underlying infrastructure (i.e., on-premise, public or private cloud).

Clearing up the 4 common myths about hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud is set to become a norm for enterprises. According to the Red Hat Global Customer Tech Outlook 2019​, 30 percent of the organizations surveyed have a hybrid cloud strategy, and 45 percent of them are already using two or more cloud platforms. Offering the flexibility and speed needed to address changing business demands effectively, hybrid cloud can help enterprises gain business agility and better compete in the increasingly volatile business environment.

The secret formula to sustaining business success with hybrid cloud

​The rapid pace of change in the business environment due to digital transformation is giving rise to a new reality for enterprises. Instead of relying heavily on long-term strategic planning and execution, the key to business growth today lies in an organization’s ability to pivot quickly. This calls for organizations to configure their business for change without necessarily knowing what the change will be.