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Are you constraining your back office performance?

Are you constraining your back office performance?

Imagine a world where every task of every employee was measured in real-time.

It is critical to understand how long tasks take employees to complete in your business. This isn't new information to any supervisor or manager. But how you are measuring back office performances may be in need of an upgrade.

For many years the use of standard time has been an accepted methodology for determining how long a given activity would take a 'standard' employee to complete. The formula for forecasting, scheduling, and performance management all rely on understanding the total workload which is the time handling of each employee’s tasks.

Workload = # of activities x task handling time

While we often have a reasonable view on the number of activities, less so do we do have a realistic understanding of:

  • Who does what predominantly reverting back to the traditional ‘tick sheets’?
  • Actual handling time for task-to-employee ratio?

All in all, this leaves organisations completely in the dark on actual task completion time. We often set benchmarks for our employees of 20 tasks per day, but are we simply driving mediocrity with this approach?

Think about this scenario… You have an employee who gets the claims task that no-one wants, and they know it will consume the same time to do this single task as it could take to do five other tasks. Typically employees will cherry pick tasks and return others to the pooled ‘work bin’ for someone else to complete, on the principle that they do not want their personal KPIs impacted.

How do we know the top performer working to “standard time” has simply just paced themselves to achieve their 20 tasks per day?

All of these human variables relate to employee skill profile and behavior, something of which businesses cannot easily identify and label. Or is it?

It is time for a new approach. It’s time to start distributing work and measuring performance in the back office to give businesses full visibility in real-time of employee workload management. It truly benefits a business, workload management should go into as much detail as covering activity handling through to task handling time.

Imagine a world where every task of every employee was measured in real-time, real-time presence of each and every employee ensures the most important task is delivered to the best skilled person who we know is available, and our ability to meet the SLA of each task does not rely on manual distribution, but is fully automated?! Such as world is now becoming a reality!

At the recent FST Media: Future of Insurance event in Sydney, Bupa’s James Iansek presented how Bupa’s Claims Function has transformed its workload management capability. James summed up how Bupa now had a clearer picture of performance resulting in improved productivity and efficiency gain.

These are the core capabilities that Enterprise Workload Management delivers and it has been shown repeatedly by customers around the globe. They state productivity improvements of 20%+ whilst at the same time improving customer satisfaction and increasing employee engagement.

This is the capability that Genesys brings with Enterprise Workload Management. Working closely with businesses across the region, I have seen in practice how Genesys make this a reality. But don’t just trust me, hear it yourself.

Here is one perspective of a contact centre production manager and how back office automation transformed their company and their customer experience.

Watch additional perspectives of a team leader and contact centre agent.

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