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Wednesday 23rd September, 2020

8:30am AEST  8:50am AEST Registration - Peer networking & Booth Experience
8:50am AEST  9:00am AEST

Opening Address and Welcome | Fenella Kernebone, Head of Curation TEDx Sydney

9:00am AEST 9:35am AEST The Five Stages of Enterprise Recovery: The Vital Role of Data and Trust | David Reinsel, Sr. Vice President, Global Datasphere, IoT, Mobility, Security, Consumer, Semiconductors, Telecom, Client Computing and Imaging/Print/Document Solutions, IDC

In this session, Dave Reinsel, Senior VP at IDC will discuss the five stages of enterprise recovery and the critical roles that data and trust play in the Future Enterprise. From building business resilience, creating real-time intelligence and fueling innovation, data and trust are vital to the Future Enterprise platform. In his presentation Dave will advise attending CIOs and digital decision makers on how to fuel their rebound in the next normal with new uses of data, avoid new privacy and security concerns, and explain why IDC’s 5-pillar Trust framework must underpin their recovery efforts.
9:35am    AEST 10:00am AESTDiamond Keynote

Speed is Everything: Intelligent Automation and Rapid Delivery | Jeremy Francis, Chief Information Officer, Pepper Money

CIOs have an ever-increasing array of technology plays available and a decreasing amount of time to derive value for their organisations. Covid has given many organisations a cathartic reminder that speed is critical as priorities change drastically and frequently. The ability to move rapidly is forcing CIOs to ask themselves difficult questions not just about their technology choices, but about their culture, operating model, people, ways of working and the role they play within their organisation. Jeremy will share his experience at Pepper Money - transforming the technology capability for speed; coupling low-code and intelligent automation with a cultural and mindset shift.
10:00am AEST 10:25am AESTConcurrent Session 1

Why your staff need to skill up in AI | James Aylward, SVP - Head Learner, Pluralsight 

Australia has been dealing with the technology skills crisis for quite some time. It’s important that the sector finds ways to skill up existing staff and attract new people because digital transformation activities won’t succeed if organisations don’t have the right talent. At this year’s CIO Summit, Pluralsight’s James Aylward will talk about his experience launching and scaling AI products, upskilling for modern technologies and staying adaptable to innovate faster. This talk is relevant for any technology leader who is looking to develop or scale AI skills in their organisation.  

Key points covered will include:  
- Why technologists need modern skills as roles and technologies change over time.
- How artificial intelligence and machine learning are evolving and why your organisation needs to keep up.  

Concurrent Session 2

Rebuilding the next phase if the digital success: Connectivity and integration at scale | Nicholas Lambrou, Managing Director, Boomi | Nigel Parsons, Research Director, APeJ Partner Programs, IDC Asia/Pacific

In order for IT Leaders to realise their digital ambitions, it is important to look beyond legacy modernisation and integration; beyond traditional middleware. Join this session to: 
- Learn how IT leaders can build a robust digital roadmap that transforms the workforce, breaks down data silos and maintains business continuity despite changing circumstances, leading to true competitive advantage 
- Understand why building an agile business that connects everyone to everything from anywhere, while remaining responsive to changing environments and customer needs, is the key to success for organisations.

10:25am AEST 10:50am AEST Concurrent Session 1

The New Normal Requires Zero Trust | Sami Laine, Director, Technology Strategy, Okta  

The "zero trust" security emphasises that enterprises should have "trusted" internal network and an "untrusted" external network. The adoption of increasing mobile and cloud and the recent pandemic shows that we can no longer have a network perimeter-centric view of security. Instead, we need to securely enable access for the varies stakeholders, including employees, partners, contractors, etc., regardless of their location, device, or network. There is no silver bullet in achieving a "zero trust" security architecture. Still, the identity and access management is the core technology that sets the stage for the "zero trust" journey. The "people" become the new perimeter in this journey, with identity-forming the critical component to establishing a secure environment. 

In this presentation you will hear about
- the shifts in the security landscape that paved that way for "zero trust".
- how the "zero trust"extended ecosystem will look like today.
- building an effective "zero trust"program and architecture for the future. 

Concurrent Session 2

Build, Buy or Both - How to thrive when Digital is the only Channel | Paul Arthur, Regional Vice President, A/NZ, OutSystem

Ideation is easy, execution is hard. When it comes to digital transformation there are no end of possibilities of how to thrive in a digital world. Often companies spend vast amounts of money and resources creating their digital strategy only for it to fail to launch when it comes to actually delivering anything. Whether you are an established business or a green field startup, you still face the same question. Do I buy an off the shelf package or build a bespoke solution? During this session we will discuss the merits of both approaches and give some guidance on the type of questions you need to ask in both scenarios.

10:50am AEST 11:05am AEST

Expo Experience & Peer Networking

11:05am AEST 11:15am AEST Concurrent Session 1 | TED Style Talk | Business unusual a catalyst for change | Peter Hughes, Regional Vice President Sales, RingCentral

Everything is changing so fast and your organisation can’t afford to keep using archaic communications systems. It has been proven time and time again that collaboration is a crucial function of any organisation. During our first TEDtalk this morning, RingCentral’s Peter Hughes will talk about what you need to look for in a next-generation communications provider.

Concurrent Session 2 | TED Style Talk | Know Your Normal | Ben Verschaeren, Global Solutions Engineer, Sophos

Over the past year we've seen malware groups successfully exfiltrate bulk data out of enterprises demanding excessive ransoms. At the same time we've seen a pivotle moment in modern business where users and compute are distributed, changing traffic patterns dramatically. Do you know who is accessing, and where your data is going? Would your security team spot an anomoly before the ransom note arrives? In this session we'll discuss tatics to mitigate or minimise the risk of data exfiltration preventing the worst happening to your organisation.
11:20am AEST 12:55pm AEST

CIO Peer Insights and Best Practice Discussions

- Developing tech skills for tomorrow  

- Agile Digital Enterprise post COVID with Low Code Intelligent Automation  

- The Case for AIOs - A Discussion on the Pros and Cons of Using Automation and AI Within IT Operations  

- Digitise your document workflows or get left behind 

- Using SD-WAN to accelerate your move to the cloud  

- Kubernetes for Business Leaders  

- We're living through a digital transformation. Has your security kept up?  

- Taking control of your value chain  

- Digital acceleration to meet customer demands post pandemic

- The dynamic CIO's role in reshaping "business as usual"

12:55pm AEST 1:20pm  AEST 

Fireside Chat | Creating an IT operating model: Why psychology matters more than technology | Russell Morris, CIO, TransGrid & Byron Connolly, Editor in chief CIO Australia

When creating a new IT operating model, as a precursor to digital transformation, TransGrid’s chief information officer, Russell Morris, realised that simply having technology conversations with business team was not the best way to get them to engage. Focusing on business outcomes, team chemistry and relationships was the key to driving change. In his own words, psychology is more important than technology.   Hello, I am CIO Australia’s editor-in-chief, Byron Connolly, and today I am speaking with Russell about how and why he created a new IT operating model with human behaviours in mind, the results achieved, and lessons learned.

1:20pm AEST
1:25pm AEST
Closing remarks 

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Thursday, 24th Sep 2020 1:45 p.m. - 1:45 p.m.


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