CIO Summit 2021

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08:30 - 08:50
Registration/ Expo Experience & Peer Networking
08:50 – 9:00

Opening Address and Welcome

Luke Hannan, Event Host 

09:00 - 09:35
International IDC Keynote – Meredith Whalen, Chief Research Officer, IDC
Speaker: Meredith Whalen, Chief Research Officer, IDC

Digital Resiliency: Beneficial Last Year; Required in the Future 
Globally, 2021 is a turning point in the pandemic, with vaccines being distributed, businesses reopening, and travel reconvening. However, organisations still face a series of unknown potential disruptions including a looming tech cold war, shortage of digital skills, changing societal norms, and systemic industry change. IDC’s research shows organisations who are more digitally resilient report 20% or greater improvements in profitability, innovation and cost savings, demonstrating the benefits of resiliency are not limited to just recovery. Join IDC’s Chief Research Officer, Meredith Whalen, as she outlines the winds of change, how to be digitally resilient, and what you need to include in your post pandemic playbook.
09:35 - 10:00

Welcome to the Era of Flexibility

Speaker: Neal French, Head of Chrome Enterprise, JAPAC, Google

There is no doubt that the workplace has undergone an unprecedented transformation in the last few years. As IT leaders prepare for what’s next, it’s key that they are strategic in determining which technology best supports their employees by keeping them secure and productive. Hear from the Chrome Enterprise team on what’s next for work and how leaning into solutions that provide flexibility and agility will future proof your business.

10:00 - 10:25
Concurrent Session 1: Next Level Digital Transformation - Upskill for an Innovation - First Organisation
Speaker: Raghav Gupta, Managing Director - Asia Pacific, Coursera  

More than 65% of high-performing companies are now focused on driving innovations. Innovation gives opportunities to technology leaders in 3 areas - resilience, pioneering break-through, and improving the bottom line. But organisation silos amplify the skills gap in innovation. What if there were solutions to engage with all these gaps we’re seeing? Organizations have a lot of good reasons to invest in upskilling and reskilling their existing workforce – and those that do are reaping big rewards. Join this session to know how.

Concurrent Session 2: Securing the future of work. Enabling a secure, resilient, and productive digital workplace
Speaker: Jack Miller, Head of Global Professional Services, Menlo Security, Inc

Many things have changed – how people work, the applications they use, the data they access, and the location they work from. According to Google research, employees spend 75% of their working day in a browser. The browser is the new office, but is it safe? Because some things haven’t changed – attackers are still looking for the easiest path to their targets. And over 90% of threats targeting those end users come through the two most pervasive communication methods – web and email. It is reasonably easy for an attacker to create a fake/branded communication using a well-known and trusted brand to try and get a victim to click on a web link or open a malicious attachment. This is where effective security can make the most significant difference in enhancing the security posture of an organisation – and it’s an area where traditional security using a detect and respond approach has continually failed to deliver consistently. The future of work is Hybrid, and Technology leaders are the enablers.
10:25 - 10:45

Fireside Chat 1: Don’t get locked out: Effective Strategies to combat Ransomware

Speakers: Derek Cowan, Director Systems Engineering APAC, Cohesity
Roland Browne, Senior Systems Engineer ANZ, Cohesity

Ransomware is the fastest growing cybercrime causing businesses greater financial losses every year – and no company is immune to this prevalent threat. This fireside chat will provide valuable insights such as
The evolution of ransomware – How and why it continues to be major threat over recent years
Key to prevention, detection, and response to any attacks
Effective protection through end-to-end cyber-defenses and strong data recovery capabilities

Fireside Chat 2: Cloud Operations Maturity: Key Attributes and Behaviours that Differentiate Beginners from Experts

Speakers – Natalie Fair, Director Client Services, PagerDuty APJ, 

Chris Morris, Vice President, IDC Asia/Pacific excluding Japan (APeJ) Cloud Services and Technology group 

In 2019, prior to the beginning of the pandemic, IT operations departments were adapting to the inclusion of infrastructure/platform/software as a service (collectively called “public cloud”) into their operations and service management approaches. This adaptation process led to the emergence of cloud operations (CloudOps). The pandemic in effect forced IT operations groups to accelerate this process as the IT infrastructure shifted to accommodate a rapidly evolving business workplace and workforce.  In order to assess the current state of cloud operations, IDC conducted a global survey of 802 large enterprises and explored CloudOps and incident management, the impact that these have on IT, and how organisations can develop their maturity when operating in the cloud. In this session Chris Morris, and Natalie Fair, will discuss the results of the survey and how CloudOps underpins the successful roll-out of digital infrastructure.

10:45 - 11:10

Concurrent Session 3: Hottest tech skills - What’s skills are trending in the APAC region & why Cloud Skills.  

Speakers: Sam Kroonenburg, A Cloud Guru | Pluralsight 

Linus Lai, Vice President, Software and Services, IDC Asia/Pacific

Conversation with Linus Lai - Senior Analyst IDC & and Sam Kroonenberg CEO -A Cloud Guru a Pluralsight company

Concurrent Session 4: Cybersecurity and Hybrid Work, What You Need to Know and How You Can Prepare 

Speaker: Lloyd Evans, Leader, ANZ Vertical team, LogMeIn 

The work world has changed, but the goal of efficiently getting work done has not. As businesses shift their strategies to allow for long-term remote or hybrid work, the challenge of giving employees access to their work apps and tools in a secure and productive way is more critical than ever. While there are countless ways to secure employee access, password management is the key to employee satisfaction and IT approval. We’ll uncover in this session: Why cybersecurity is critical in a remote or hybrid work setting Why password management is crucial to cybersecurity What steps you can take to ensure the security of your company How these simple safety precautions can increase actual employee productivity
11:10 - 11:25

Expo Experience & Peer Networking

11:25 – 11:40

Quick Fire 1: Managing your business through a major cyber-attack 

Speaker: Leonard Sim, Head of Presales, APAC, Kaspersky 

Cyberattacks have evolved over the years from being a simple nuisance to becoming a serious threat to a company’s bottom line. These attacks can lead to large amounts of sensitive data being stolen and your systems infiltrated, potentially resulting in erosion of customer trust and reputational damage. This session will outline what your business needs to reduce and mitigate the risk and effects of a major cyber-attack. 

Quick Fire 2: TBC

11:40 - 12:45
CIO Peer to Peer Exchange Sessions

Providing a structured, confidential and informal environment to discuss and debate topical issues. The interactive Peer-to-Peer Exchange Sessions will provide delegates with the opportunity to deep dive in small group discussions hosted by an IDC analyst or CIO editor alongside a technology expert.

Session 1: Speed, Security, Scale, and Soft Skills: Tech Team Upskilling in 2021 – Sponsored by Coursera
Session 2: Securing the Hybrid Workforce – A comprehensive journey to SASE - Sponsored by Citrix

Session 3: Why Data Virtualization makes Data Lakes deliver much more value - Sponsored by Denodo

Session 4: Does your tech Talent align & support your digital transformation? - Sponsored by Pluralsight

Session 5: How 5G is Transforming The World’s Most Progressive Organisations - Sponsored by Cradlepoint

Session 6: Cybersecurity and Hybrid Work, What You Need to Know and How You Can Prepare - Sponsored by LastPass by LogMeIn

Session 7: Future proofing your hybrid workforce - Sponsored by Chrome Enterprise 

Session 8: Top transformation dilemmas and how to overcome them - Sponsored by CI&T

Session 9: Securing the Future of Work. Enabling a Secure, Resilient, and Productive Digital Workplace - Sponsored by Menlo Security

12:45 – 13:10
Fireside Chat: Creating a strong CIO/CSO relationship
Speakers: Mark Smink, Chief Information Security Officer - Asia Pacific, JLL
Kathleen Stubbs, Chief Information Officer,  JLL Australasia 

Cyber security has clearly become a board-level priority; the number of attacks on enterprises is rising, CEOs would clearly be losing some sleep at night.    During this fireside chat with CIO Australia’s editor-in-chief, Byron Connolly, JLL’s APAC CIO, Kathleen Stubbs, and CISO, Mark Smink talk about how they work together at the real estate company to reduce friction and balance deploying new technologies as fast as possible with the need to be properly aligned with security processes. 
13:10 - 13:45

Lunch Break | Expo Experience & Peer Networking 

13:45 - 14:10 The deceptive allure of blockchains 
Speaker: Jonathan Kempe, CEO and Founder, Verifai 

Plankton to Primate: How the historical evolution of thought, technology, society, and corporations created the starting conditions for blockchain ‘solutions’ Promising to Panacea: How knowledge gaps, the rebalancing of intergenerational wisdom and the speed of technological advancement have allowed ideas behind blockchains to thrive Present-day Practicalities: How you can use alternate, existing, low-cost, low-complexity, and highly effective technology solutions to enhance business operations and increase profitability
14:10 - 14:35 Concurrent Session 5: Securing the Hybrid Workforce – A comprehensive journey to SASE 
 Joe Cozzupoli, Security Principal, Citrix

The importance of hybrid working without compromising security has increased significantly over the last 12 months. Providing users with a consistent workplace experience when moving between home and the office and delivering a solid security solution across these working scenarios, is challenging. 72% of organisations plan to roll out zero trust models to mitigate the security risks associated with hybrid working. But zero trust takes more than flipping a switch—if employees don’t buy in to your security strategy, it will not succeed.

Concurrent Session 6: Modernising Data Architecture Using Data Virtualization
Speaker: Chris Day, Director, APAC Sales Engineering, Denodo

Ongoing digital transformation is generating new data assets that have the potential of offering organisations unprecedented insights into operations, business processes, customer behavior, the competition, and much more. But, if organisations cannot effectively access, integrate, and govern the data that is distributed across on-premises and multiple cloud providers’ data platforms, they are doomed to fall short of realising its value. Enterprise data hubs and data fabrics - built on Data Virtualization capabilities - can avoid the traditional approach of integrating data.  

In this session, you will learn how organisations can create an enterprise data hub with Data Virtualization technology to:
Minimise time-consuming, expensive data movement and data replication
Virtually integrate, manage and govern enterprise data across on-premises and cloud 
Examine how and why an enterprise data hub could benefit your organisation 
14:35 - 14:50 Fireside Chat: Hindsight Security 
Speaker: Rob Collins, Specialist Systems Engineer, Sophos

This session aims to educate cyber security professionals on the lessons learned by breach victims. Each lesson will include simple recommendations, many of which do not require organizations to purchase any tools. In this talk, we will discuss the technology fails that we have seen as the root cause behind the most recent breaches including open RDP, stolen credentials and unprotected devices. 

Fireside Chat: What is AI-Powered Service Operations and why should you care?
Speaker: Michael Porfirio, Senior Director, IT Transformation Solution Consulting, APJ, ServiceNow

A significant number of IT incidents and service disruptions are caused by change. This is an issue for CIOs and other senior technology leaders who need to find more efficient ways to mitigate risk as they create and deliver new digital services to internal and external customers. Some are using automation technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to augment the performance of IT operations and services teams.

At this year’s CIO Summit, CIO Australia’s Editor-In-Chief, Byron Connolly, will host a discussion with ServiceNow’s Senior Director, IT Transformation Solution Consulting, Michael Porfirio, about the challenges organisations face when it comes to understanding their technology assets and the impact that disruptions have on service delivery.
14:50 - 15:10 Concurrent Session 7: Top transformation dilemmas and how to overcome them
Leonardo Abdala, Business Director at CI&T

Digital transformation — or acceleration even — is now a crucial component of business strategy. It is no longer an isolated initiative, and it’s not just about adopting emerging technologies or an agile framework. Being assertive in the execution is crucial for unlocking growth and profitability. There is nothing worse than changing your operating model, increasing your investments in technology and apply them in the wrong direction. We have identified 3 main dilemmas we see repeatedly confronting organisations that are going through the process of transforming themselves. During this session, we will talk about these ubiquitous dilemmas and share our thoughts on how to overcome them.

Concurrent Session 8: The Connectivity Imperative in the Pandemic World and Beyond 
Speaker: Dee Dee Paré, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cradlepoint and Sanja Marais, General Manager, Technology & Innovation, Aspen Medical

Throughout the last 18 months, organisations globally have needed to pivot operations to continue to serve customers in the pandemic environment. These changes have been underpinned by businesses willingness to invest in new technologies. The ability to get and stay connected securely has become essential – whether connecting to temporary sites, home offices or to handle failover. For organisations that want to continue to innovate and grow and not just survive, they need reliable, secure, flexible and scalable connectivity. Australian-owned global healthcare provider, Aspen Medical, had a vital requirement for secure connectivity throughout the pandemic.  The organisation set up and currently supports GP-led respiratory COVID-19 testing clinics across Australia - as well as rolling out the vaccination program in aged care and the disability sector. The circumstances and urgency around the pandemic posed unique challenges for Aspen, including the need to set up temporary networks that met comprehensive security regulations on clinical information and medical data requirements. In addition, it also needed to equip non-technical teams to set up networks on site – all at a fast pace in a race against the virus. Join this session to hear directly from Aspen Medical’s General Manager, Technology and Innovation - Sanja Marais about how Aspen Medical navigated the challenges of providing secure connectivity at various sites- all managed remotely.
15:10 - 15:25 Expo Experience & Peer Networking
15:25 - 15:50 Reimagining your tech hiring strategy
Speaker: Bridget Gray, VP APAC, Technology, Korn Ferry

Almost everything we thought we knew about recruiting technology and digital talent is redundant in 2021. Closed borders, visa restrictions, alarming skill shortages have changed the game. Overlay this with drastically new ways of working and recruiting, and we all face big exciting new problems to solve for. IT Recruitment will no longer be effective by following the rule book of days passed; today we all need a well thought out, proactive strategic sourcing strategy which is underpinned by a compelling narrative that excites and intrigues the marketplace. With a wealth of experience in Org Strat, Talent Acquisition and Business Transformation, Bridget Gray will share with you market trends and then practical ways you can capture the interest of and engage with technologists, what levers you must pull to attract and secure these highly sought after professionals…. and then what you must do to keep them!
15:50 - 16:30 Diversity in IT Panel Discussion - Diversity dos and don’ts
- Simona Dimovski, CIO, Sutherland Shire Council 
- Angela Donohoe, CIO, BPAY Group
- Ray Moukaddem, Senior Director of Professional Services, Okta

Creating more diverse and inclusive workforces is not a new idea but the benefits of getting it right are far-reaching. The technology sector, in particular, has pushed for cultural and gender diversity as a way to potentially make a dent in an IT skills gap that it is having real trouble closing. But with borders closed to overseas workers due to the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, achieving the desired level of diversity has got that little bit harder.

During this discussion, panellists will cover:
What their IT organisations are doing now to encourage diversity and inclusion across their workforces and the impact the COVID-19 pandemic and rise of hybrid workplaces has had on their activities.
Their best practices around diversity and inclusion.
Why the push for gender diversity is not delivering the change that is required. For example, low numbers of women are applying for jobs in the tech sector so what are people doing wrong?
The scenarios where organisations might be over-reaching when it comes to diversity and inclusion.
16:30 - 16:55 Locknote Speaker | Cate Campbell, Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer 

At just 16 Campbell made her Olympic debut at the 2008 Beijing Games and claimed two bronze medals. Since then, she has represented Australia at four Olympics, two Commonwealth Games, four World Championships and three Pan Pacific Championships.
16:55 - 17:00 Closing Remarks | Expo remains open for another hour

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