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How to optimise Hybrid IT architecture for a rapidly changing world

Every company is trying to deliver better customer experience to climb above the competition, with digital transformation and cloud strategies core to achieving this. But fewer have finely tuned their Hybrid IT stack to deliver the best possible performance, with the lowest friction for staff and customers. According to NEXTDC, there are some no-brainer changes that can be made at relatively low cost to bring your IT stack close to your hyperscale cloud performance.

The true cost of sweating the last value out of on-premises infrastructure

The benefits of moving to the Cloud are well known and self-evident: CAPEX becomes OPEX and costs are cut while mobility, flexibility, support, ease-of-updating and all-round efficiencies improve. On top of all that, there’s unprecedented new potential for elevated customer experience. However, there are many challenges in moving workloads to the Cloud.

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