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  • Gaming tech spurs development of hyperfast medical imaging systems

    University and hospital researchers have taken a cue from the gaming industry by using 3D video graphics chips to develop a parallel software platform that can speed the processing times, in this case for medical digital imaging, by 10 to 1,000 times.

    Written by Lucas Mearian28 Jan. 10 08:34
  • Eyes on with Sony's 360 degree 3D display

    Sony on Thursday unveiled an impressive 3D display that can be viewed from any direction. The screen, development of which was announced earlier this week, is on show until Sunday at the DC Expo in Tokyo.

    Written by Martyn Williams23 Oct. 09 07:50
  • Sony develops 360-degree 3D display

    Sony will later this week unveil a prototype 3D display that can be seen through 360 degrees without the need to wear special glasses.

    Written by Martyn Williams19 Oct. 09 17:39