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  • 3D printers to help GM create cheaper and lighter parts

    General Motors Co said on Thursday it was working with design software company Autodesk Inc to manufacture new, lightweight 3D-printed parts that could help the automaker meet its goals to add alternative-fuel vehicles to its product lineup.

    Written by Reuters04 May 18 08:52
  • U.S. State Department moves to block 3D-printed gun plans online

    U.S. State Department <a href="http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2015-06-03/pdf/2015-12844.pdf">announced new proposed rules</a> that would effectively make it illegal to post blueprints for 3D-printed guns online.

    Written by Lucas Mearian08 July 15 02:36
  • How 3D printers made a motorcycle, skis and snowboard

    When it comes to 3D printing, the general public is likely unaware how far the technology has come from the days when making figurines and trinkets was about all many believed the machines could do.

    Written by Lucas Mearian22 May 15 02:09
  • GE 3D prints a working RC jet engine

    General Electric <a href="http://www.gereports.com/post/118394013625/these-engineers-3d-printed-a-mini-jet-engine-then">this week revealed</a> that it has completed a multi-year project to print a working jet engine.

    Written by Lucas Mearian13 May 15 04:18
  • Interview: Manutea Dupont, co-founder, ShopWings

    Fascinated about how smart fridges of the future will connect with a shopping service, <i>CIO</i> contributor, David Gee, spoke to Manutea Dupont the co-founder of Australian startup, ShopWings.

    Written by David Gee12 May 15 16:55