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  • Accenture names new technology practice lead in A/NZ

    Accenture has crowned Scott Hahn as its new technology lead for Australia and New Zealand, a move the company said will boost the company’s technology business.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien27 Nov. 19 13:48
  • DARQ matters in post-digital world

    ​After five years or more of major digital transformation efforts, “most organisations are done or almost at the end of their journey” explains Accenture’s Amit Bansal. So what now?

    Written by George Nott29 May 19 12:57
  • 5 ways to move up the IT maturity curve in 2019

    It’s almost the end of February and the year is in full swing. It is time to make sure you have taken a look at the upcoming year, gotten a clear assessment of where you stand on the IT maturity curve, and made a plan to move up the curve by the time next year rolls around.

    Written by Lou Markstrom25 Feb. 19 11:51
  • Does your company need an AI ethics committee?

    ​Consumer faith in businesses in most markets worldwide is wallowing in “stagnant distrust” – according to the Edelman Trust Barometer – and Australia is no exception.

    Written by George Nott14 Jan. 19 16:06
  • The path to 'Exponential IT'

    In today’s world, IT systems need to be agile enough to ride not only every technological wave but also the rapidly evolving industry trends and changing customer expectations impacting each business.

    Written by Harshu Deshpande, Accenture30 Oct. 18 10:36
  • How to adopt cloud with conviction

    Australian companies can’t simply flip a switch to put their operations on a cloud migration. Leaders need to integrate their new, agile cloud organisation with their legacy business.

    Written by Jordan Griffiths09 July 18 15:43
  • Oracle handed $17.5M Defence database deal

    Defence has handed a $17.5 million contract to Oracle for software support for database, identity and access management software licences.

    Written by Leon Spencer20 Dec. 17 05:00
  • Cyber crime costing businesses US$11.7M

    Cyber attacks cost companies an average of US$11.7 million this year, a 23 per cent increase from 2016, according to research.

    Written by Byron Connolly27 Sept. 17 15:51
  • Energy providers failing to deliver on digital

    Squeezed by falling profits and strong competition, energy providers are struggling to deliver the digital services that consumers want, according to new research.

    Written by Byron Connolly01 June 17 12:13