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  • ‚ÄčBlockchain: Panacea or hype or a little of both?

    For all its apparent complexity and ambiguity, blockchain is currently the most advanced tool for solving certain global problems of safety, authenticity, privacy, accessibility and security of artifacts and transactions.

    Written by Serguei Beloussov11 May 16 15:30
  • The Iomega brand is now LenovoEMC

    Iomega owner EMC said today it will replace the brand on business-class NAS products with LenovoEMC, a joint venture that now sells the SMB business hardware.

    Written by Lucas Mearian12 June 13 21:55
  • OCZ, BitMicro release new controllers, SSD lines

    OCZ announced its new Vector SSD Series developed with its new Barefoot 3 controller. Meanwhile, BitMicro announced its next-generation solid-state drive controller, that it claims will produce 400,000 I/Os per second when used with flash memory.

    Written by Lucas Mearian27 Nov. 12 22:05
  • Businesses still stumble over off-site back-up

    British businesses are lagging behind many of their global competitors when it comes to disaster recovery in the clouds, according to research from Acronis. And even the companies who are diligent about backing up are failing to treat virtual servers in the same way as they treat physical ones.

    Written by Maxwell Cooter21 Jan. 11 01:33