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  • Romanian version of EU cybersecurity directive allows warrantless access to data

    More than a dozen Romanian non-governmental organizations are protesting new cybersecurity legislation passed by the parliament last week that would force businesses to provide the country's national intelligence agencies with access to their data without a court warrant.

    Written by Lucian Constantin25 Dec. 14 05:17
  • Judge proposes January trial in Silicon Valley employee hiring case

    A federal judge on Thursday proposed a Jan. 12 start date for a jury trial in Silicon Valley's closely watched class-action employee hiring case, in which executives like Steve Jobs and Google's Sergey Brin are accused of conspiring not to hire each other's workers.

    Written by Zach Miners05 Sept. 14 07:09
  • In Pictures: Top 25 iPhonies

    Take a look back at the best of the Photoshopped speculation surrounding one of the most-hyped tech devices.

    Written by Network World staff27 June 14 08:46
  • Wall Street Beat: Despite Oracle earnings miss, software appears healthy

    An earnings miss by Oracle is usually enough to send tech market forecasters back to their spreadsheets with furrowed brows. But despite the enterprise software giant's weaker-than-expected financials, there was enough good news on the tech sales front this week to keep expectations for IT on the optimistic side.

    Written by Marc Ferranti21 June 14 02:17
  • SAP buying SeeWhy for targeted marketing technology

    SAP is scooping up SeeWhy, maker of real-time targeted marketing software, in a bid to flesh out the omni-channel commerce platform it gained through last year's acquisition of Hybris.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus21 May 14 00:23
  • How Adobe Is Moving on From Flash to Embrace HTML5

    Adobe Flash is still widely used, but it's seen as obsolete in the face of HTML5. In response, Adobe is taking several steps to adapt and contribute to a HTML5 future without browser plugins.

    Written by Chris Minnick and Ed Tittel01 May 14 01:37
  • In pictures: 12 biggest data breaches of the last 12 months

    Many companies have felt the effects of data theft over the last several years. It's 2014 and it doesn't look like the going is getting any easier. The technology sector seems most at risk with every week bringing the world another reported data breach. Here we look at the largest breaches in the last year.

    Written by Rich Hein02 April 14 08:51