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News about Advanced Micro Devices
  • Computex focus shifts from PCs to wearables, IoT

    The next big wearable hit could emerge at the Computex trade show in Taipei next week, and any attempt to steal the device off the show floor could be thwarted by Internet of Things security devices expected to be on display.

    Written by Agam Shah29 May 15 14:01
  • AMD puts faith back in x86, downgrading its ARM effort

    Two years ago, AMD tried to cut its reliance on the plodding x86 design by building server chips around ARM, the hot architecture driving mobile devices. That hasn't worked out, and the company is now putting its faith back in x86.

    Written by Agam Shah08 May 15 07:44
Features about Advanced Micro Devices
  • Five paths for Moore's Law

    For 50 years, Moore's Law has paved the way for faster, smaller and cheaper devices. The observation focuses on the economics and scaling of silicon chips, which are at the heart of computing devices.

    Written by Agam Shah17 April 15 06:23