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  • Ready for the robot revolution?

    The days of drones filling the sky and robots roaming in our streets are not far removed from reality anymore, and scenes from movies like Star Wars, Minority Report and I, Robot will be common soon. Just consider some of the ways that robots have started to permeate our lives.

    Written by By Ahmed Banafa27 Aug. 14 22:45
  • Update on my Amazon Fire Phone review

    The PR people from Amazon got in touch after I published my review of the new Amazon Fire Phone (Amazon Fire Phone: Nice but nothing to get fired up about). They had a couple of points they asked me to clarify:

    Written by Mark Gibbs15 Aug. 14 08:38
  • 2014 a seminal year for cloud take up: Amazon

    2014 is a seminal year for the take up of cloud services and there’s been a shift in thinking around the infrastructure model from years back when people were concerned about issues like security.

    Written by Byron Connolly13 Aug. 14 10:38
  • True utility computing coming soon: Vic Winkler

    True utility computing – where virtual machines are moved between competing service providers without an organisation's knowledge – is coming soon, according to Vic Winkler, CTO at data security provider Covata.

    Written by Byron Connolly05 Aug. 14 09:34
  • Amazon's four tips to make sure your cloud is secure

    Amazon Web Services has a program named Trusted Advisor that provides customers with advice on the best way to use the company's IaaS cloud services. Today, the company made four checks that Trusted Advisor performs free for all users.

    Written by Brandon Butler02 Aug. 14 02:03
  • 5 ways to get the most out of BI and big data

    Companies like Amazon have demonstrated to the world how to successfully leverage corporate knowledge. Why can't you?

    Written by David Gee and Matthias Fetz28 July 14 16:59
  • Netflix open sources its Amazon cloud security enforcer

    Netflix today continued its tradition of sharing lessons it has learned from using Amazon's cloud at a massive scale by releasing Security Monkey, a tool it has developed internally for monitoring the security of its cloud.

    Written by Brandon Butler02 July 14 04:15
  • Gartner: Best practices for Amazon AWS security

    The Amazon AWS cloud service is fine for enterprise workloads and applying security controls such as encryption and firewalls is possible, though more security vendors need to step up to support Amazon's EC2 service, according to the Gartner analysis presented today.

    Written by Ellen Messmer26 June 14 06:08
  • Goodbye stupid software patents?

    If you haven't been following this story it may (hopefully) turn out to be a milestone in the history of software patents: The story concerns a US financial institution, CLS Bank, and an Australian software company that holds a patent on software used to mediate escrow for financial transactions. CLS argued that the process of escrow is centuries old and therefore not patentable while Alice argued that computerizing the process met the criteria for patentability.

    Written by Mark Gibbs22 June 14 00:18
  • Seven tips for protecting your AWS Cloud

    This week disappointing news came from service provider Code Spaces, a company that provided support for devops application management. Code Spaces, which was hosted in Amazon Web Service's cloud, ceased operations. after suffering a distributed denial-of-service attack by a perpetrator who demanded ransom and then began deleting data when company officials logged into their AWS account to stop the attack.

    Written by Brandon Butler20 June 14 22:26
  • Hacker puts 'full redundancy' code-hosting firm out of business

    A code-hosting and project management services provider was forced to shut down operations indefinitely after a hacker broke into its cloud infrastructure and deleted customer data, including most of the company's backups.

    Written by Lucian Constantin20 June 14 00:33