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  • Network woes? The Cloud is coming to the rescue

    Nyansa, based in Silicon Valley, emerged from stealth mode on Monday with Voyance, a Cloud-based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) offering that analyses inputs from wired and wireless LANs to gauge users' actual experiences on a network.

    Written by Stephen Lawson18 April 16 23:00
  • ​Salary the top reason technologists quit jobs

    A good salary was the top reason why IT workers worldwide would change jobs in 2015 and 38 per cent of Australian technologists planned to leave their employer in the next year.

    Written by Byron Connolly13 Nov. 15 11:31
  • ​5 lessons in reducing IT complexity

    There are as many ways of generating complexity as there are companies, and CIOs must have courage if they’re to succeed against it.

    Written by Howard Baldwin13 Nov. 15 08:27
  • How diversity created a true transformational CIO

    What stints at Telstra, Optus and AAPT - with experience ranging from property management, customer experience, IT facilities and business transformation - has taught PwC’s tech chief, Hilda Clune, about business transformation.

    Written by Byron Connolly24 Aug. 15 15:18
  • Transform your business or pay the price

    There is more pressure than ever on CIOs to capitalise on digital opportunities. Traditional, well-established business models are being swept aside by more nimble and agile businesses created through digital innovations.

    Written by Richard Earl12 Aug. 15 15:47
  • Amazon proposes drone superhighways in sky

    Amazon has unveiled a bold vision for integrating drones into the skies above our cities, proposing drone superhighways that would crisscross the sky and enable thousands of unmanned vehicles to fly at high speeds under completely automated control.

    Written by Martyn Williams29 July 15 05:24
  • Amazon Launchpad store will sell goods from startups

    Amazon is opening a specialized storefront on its website that will sell products from startups in an effort to help the fledging companies build their businesses.

    Written by Fred O'Connor29 July 15 04:30
  • Amazon takes on MySQL with Aurora

    After nine months of testing, Amazon Web Services is now offering its Aurora database as a full commercial service, positioning it as a high-performance alternative to the widely used open source MySQL database.

    Written by Joab Jackson28 July 15 15:05
  • Amazon wants some Alibaba magic on Prime Day

    Amazon is doing its best to jack up sales by inventing a new shopping holiday, but one thing it hasn't invented is a new idea.

    Written by Martyn Williams14 July 15 06:17