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  • Many CIOs Yearn for the Corner Office

    Some 42 percent of CIOs say they have the skills to be CEO. That's a lot of corner office envy, says Maryfran Johnson. Only a few have the business savvy to make it.

    Written by Maryfran Johnson30 Sept. 13 12:52
  • CIOs Share How They Made the Leap to CEO

    CIOs who won the CEO job talk candidly about the relentless pressure for profits, the ultimate accountability and what they wish they'd known as CIO.

    Written by Kim S. Nash25 Sept. 13 13:06
  • IT job market to slow next year

    There was a steady slide in IT recruitment in the fourth quarter of this year and the outlook for 2013 is no better, according to recruitment firm Ambition.

    Written by Byron Connolly19 Dec. 12 13:31
  • Cisco's 3 biggest weaknesses

    Cisco has stumbled, realized it needed to change course and has begun to make those changes. This week's management and business unit restructuring is the most recent change.

    Written by Jim Duffy06 May 11 07:39