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  • Senate's torture report will provoke hacktivist reprisals

    The release Tuesday of the U.S. Senate's report that excoriated the Central Intelligence Agency for torturing suspected terrorists will result in retaliation by cyber-hacktivist groups, a security expert predicted today.

    Written by Gregg Keizer11 Dec. 14 07:28
  • How Boston Children's Hospital Hit Back at Anonymous

    On March 20, Dr. Daniel J. Nigrin, senior vice president for information services and CIO at Boston Children's Hospital, got word that his organization faced an imminent threat from Anonymous in response to the hospital's diagnosis and treatment of a 15-year-old girl removed from her parent's care by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

    Written by Brian Eastwood15 Sept. 14 22:40
  • Ferguson's tiny IT operation in the maelstrom

    Ferguson, Mo., the city now in the midst of protests over a fatal police shooting, runs the type of IT department that gets almost no attention.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau15 Aug. 14 05:55
  • LulzSec leader sentenced to time served

    A leader of the LulzSec hacking group is walking free after serving about seven months in prison because of his cooperation with police that has helped prevent hundreds of other attacks.

    Written by Grant Gross28 May 14 05:19
  • PayPal DDoS attackers plead guilty, some may walk free

    Anonymous members, charged with a distributed denial-of-service attack on PayPal, entered a plea Thursday that could see some of them walk free at sentencing next December.

    Written by John Ribeiro06 Dec. 13 07:43
  • US indicts 13 Anonymous members for DDoS attacks

    The U.S. has brought criminal charges against 13 persons, said to be members of the hacker group Anonymous, for their alleged participation in cyberattacks as part of a campaign called Operation Payback.

    Written by John Ribeiro04 Oct. 13 02:39
  • Tesla's Model S vulnerable to hackers, kind of

    It's the curse of the connected car – once it's linked to the Internet, it's, well, on the Internet. In the case of the Tesla Model S, this means that malicious hackers could, in theory, control some functions of the vehicle and even track it without the owner's knowledge.

    Written by Jon Gold27 Aug. 13 22:02
  • Police arrest Anonymous suspects in Italy

    Italian police arrested four suspected hackers Friday, accusing them of having taken control of the Italian branch of the Anonymous network.

    Written by Philip Willan17 May 13 17:42
  • Anonymous cyberattack on Israel finds disputed impact

    Although the hactivist group Anonymous had declared its supporters would attack Israel on April 7 and "erase Israel from cyberspace," the damage from Anonymous so far appears to be minimal to Israeli government and bank websites that are among the main targets. However, now Israeli hactivists are fired up and counter-striking at Palestinian, Iranian and Turkish website targets.

    Written by Ellen Messmer08 April 13 18:24
  • Australia charges alleged Anonymous member

    Australian police have charged an unidentified juvenile, who is suspected to be a member of the hacker group Anonymous, on a number of counts related to unauthorized access to computer data.

    Written by John Ribeiro05 April 13 06:46