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  • Metadata regime to spur speculative invoicing, say Greens

    The government’s metadata regime will open the door to more copyright prosecutions and speculative invoicing, rather than focusing on police investigations and terrorism, according to the Australian Greens.

    Written by Bonnie Gardiner08 April 15 13:30
  • IT departments need software compliance officer: BSAA

    Having a member of an IT department responsible for software asset management is vital if businesses are to avoid mistakenly using pirated software or losing track of licences.

    Written by Lisa Banks15 Sept. 10 08:54
  • Both sides claim victory in Rome court's privacy ruling

    Both sides claimed victory Monday after a Rome judge took a minimalist view of the responsibilities of telecom carriers for stamping out online piracy in a court battle pitting copyright defenders against Internet distributors and privacy interests.

    Written by Philip Willan20 April 10 06:02